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Located in one of our favourite dining locations, Pony Dining has a prime spot at Eagle St Pier overlooking the Story Bridge.

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Being only a new establishment Simon and I haven’t had a chance to dine at Pony but thought a Valentine’s celebration was a good as any to spend a little extra for a fancy dining experience. All in the name of love and celebrations ;)

We arrived at 8pm and were seated instantly, having made a reservation, at one of the best tables in the joint. Situated on the deck overlooking the river, the bridge and the below pier. By the end of the night though, the wooden seat/stools we were sitting on got a bit uncomfortable.

The atmosphere of Pony Dining reminds me of Moo Moo’s with its animal fur rugs and dark features. It’s dimly lit for atmosphere and is split into different areas that ooze intimacy.

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Service was really speedy, especially in terms of drinks, menus, appetisers and ordering mains. The staff was also super sweet and we were lucky enough to have a quirky waitress who was young, fun but yet knew what she was doing.

I was blackmailed ordered a cocktail, even though I rarely drink alcohol.

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Little Squire. Makers mark, pineapple, lemon, cherry bitters.

Unfortunately it wasn’t for me so after a few small sips I stuck to my water whilst Simon finished it off, along with his mind you.

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Gold Rush. A sweet and sour tipple served down. American Whiskey based cocktail.

I was a bit disappointed that there was no complimentary bread like many other Eagle St Pier restaurants offer, as well as the occasional complimentary starter- but I think it comes down to the fact that Pony errs more on the side of chique and trendy than fine dining.

We did however order their flatbread with eggplant and white bean dip.

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We enjoyed the eggplant texture throughout the dip but didn’t think it was anything to write home about. The flatbread was a bit fluesy and thin for our liking.

We both loved our mains and I was especially impressed with the size of my salad. There’s nothing that annoys me more, than when I order a salad for dinner and get something more suited to a side salad.

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Roast vegetable salad with walnuts, labna & sour dough toast.

The roast vegetables were unflawed and the walnuts added a beautiful crunch. Whilst I’m not a big cheese girl, especially the richer cheese, this labna cheese had a great flavour and a little went a long way. I also felt the toast was not necessary, but still managed to have a few bites.

Simon’s wagyu rump was presented beautifully and he placed it second (behind Quay Restaurant @ Sydney) on his list of best steaks.

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300g Wagyu Rump, Marble Score 9+ with fat chips & béarnaise sauce.

The fat chips were enjoyed, and surprisingly so was his béarnaise sauce to which he usually dislikes.

We had ordered a side of grilled mushrooms, fetta and hazelnuts and thought for $9 the serving could have been slightly larger.

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However, the flavours that it offered were fantastic. The hazelnuts reminded me so much of Nutella, whereas Simon disagreed. However, I’m not a big Nutella eater so he’d probably be the expert in this case ;)

As soon as I looked at the dessert menu I knew what I just had to get.

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Date Brulee Tart with Cherry Caramel & Macadamia Praline

The date brulee tart! The tart was perfection I just wish it was thicker so that you could really appreciate the different layers of base, date, creme and the hard sugar glass top.

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The caramel was pretty sparse but was compensated with the several small pieces of macadamia praline. The praline was very sweet, so perfect for me, but after a couple of bites a quite strong liquor/alcohol flavour was evident.

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Vanilla cheesecake with violet meringue & berries

The boyfriend’s dessert won hands down for presentation, and we thought this was the best looking dish of the night. With its good looks and texture it also tasted might fine too. However, we did think the plates used for our desserts were out-dated and daggy.

We finished our dinner happy, still in love and for me- still wishing I had a thicker piece of tart (haha), so I think it was a wonderful Valentine’s dinner.

  • Would you prefer better perfect presentation or taste?
  • What do you think is the best thing about eating at a ‘fancier’ restaurant?

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