Doctors & Dresses

Hey guys! How are we? Ready to start the weekend!?

I know I am, especially with our special Saturday night plans.

But not to get ahead of ourselves, let’s stick with Friday for now. Friday included a full body workout. To which I reaffirmed that I still hate deadlifts but am finally feeling like I’m more able with them now. I did squats, leg press, lunges, overhead press, assisted chin ups & dips, chest press and romanian deadlifts, all before heading upstairs to do a CXWORX class.

Speaking of the core, the same injury I recently shared with you┬áhas come back. It’s been on and off for a while not and is more a discomfort than anything else. It also hasn’t stopped me from doing anything. Last night it was quite achy though and sort of ruined my mood because it’s hard to enjoy hanging out with my boyfriend when there’s this stabbing pain in me.

It’s a constant ache but every now and again it turns into more a stabbing feeling. It’s situated just below the left upper rib. More than anything I just want to know what it is (curiosity always gets the better of me) and I guess I just need to suck it up and make a doctor’s appointment (although I feel like a drama queen/hypercondriact)- which I just did :)

Apart from that little mishap I’ve been very optimistic and happy today. My workout was awesome (got a great sweat) and I came home for a tasty boiled egg with curry powder + 1/2 banana with pb, before a special package arrived. Seriously, getting packages in the mail is the bomb!

My expected package was a dress I’d ordered on Wednesday to wear this Saturday night for our Valentine’s day dinner & hotel trip.

The dress was every bit as beautiful as I imagined and I’m relieved that it doesn’t wash me out too much. The dress was from Beginning Boutique who sells amazing clothes at fantastic prices (not a plug, I’m sharing their website because I love their clothes- I was not paid/compensated). If you’re anything like me that you love getting a great buy that looks more expensive than it was ;)




I went full length because I wanted something a little classier and honestly, although I generally avoid creams and golds because of my pale complexion the colour just jumped out at me and I couldn’t say no.




The back is also stunning as it features only two straps and the rest is bare. I was iffy about the front of the top, considering I’m quite big chested and despise wearing those stick on bras. I’m still undecided to whether I will (if I want extra perkiness) but it’s definitely not necessary. It’s not too revealing and the sequins and lining don’t allow for any nipple showage, score!

I’m planning to pair it with black wedge heels, big gold earrings, a gold bangle & ring, and a black small dress jacket if necessary. So keep an eye out for the a photo with it all together soon!

Ps. Obviously others felt the same way about this dress because I managed to snag the last one- so if you click the source link it’ll take you its page which has now been removed.

  • What colours can you not wear? Why?
  • Do you book doctors appointments regularly?


  1. Michelle says:

    That is one stunning dress. I think gold is always a great choice and am sure it’ll look gorgeous on you. Look forward to seeing the full get up!

    Your injury sounds muscular, but I’m no expert. Maybe start with the doctor and perhaps see if a Physio could offer their opinion too.

    • BekatCrave says:

      Thank you :) Aww I hope so!
      Mmm, see it’s fine now but was hurting for over 24 hours- which is the longest so far.
      I did take some antacid last night and don’t know if that helped (I didn’t realise it was better till 4am this morning when I awoke for a toilet break.
      I’m worried it’s an inflammation of the stomach or organ, or an ulcer. Who knows. Muscular would be preferred- I can deal with that :P
      Ps. Send me an email with your name and address- you were one of my V Day giveaway winners! I’ve only had one person contact me since.

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