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Yay! I LOVE Fridays. See I can say that now because I’m not working tomorrow (for once). Yipee! Instead I’ll be (hopefully) soaking up the sun at the Gold Coast and spending some quality time with the family and bf.

I’ll also be reading a new book as I finished Keeping Faith. My next book: Plain Truth.


Of course it’s another Jodi Picoult novel and is centred around a newborn murder in an Amish community. Interesting right?!

Anyways like I did with my previous book I want to offer my 2 cents about Keeping Faith. Ps. Spoiler alert!

Keeping Faith Book Review

photo 5-25

Keeping Faith was my second fave Jodi Picoult novel (behind The Pact). Like Vanishing Acts, Jodi offered a whole heap of information about certain aspects of the book, but this time I was intrigued by it all.

The novel was about a young child who was seeing ‘God’. It was controversial because her God was a She. It went into different the realms of religion (I was genuinely interested!) and found Faith performing several miracles.

It also involved a cheating husband, custody battle, restraining order, suicidal depression and love.

The highlight of the book was how Jodi wrote about Faith’s miracles and the love that sprouted between Mariah and Ian. I also had a soft spot for Kenzie who was so sweet to Faith.

Colin was definitely the villain of the story for me and Mariah’s mother was almost like comic relief at times.

What annoyed me about the story was the ending. Jodi always does this, so it was to be expected, but I was sort of lost as to what to assume. At the end Faith no longer saw God but pretended she did when her mother came up to check on her (was she pretending all along? Obviously not because Jodi felt the need to point out that ‘God’ was gone- or did I read this wrong?)

What I really wanted was a reason or answer as to why Faith was seeing God (Why Faith? Faith’s God resembled her mother, I wish more of this was apparent and was part of the conclusion). I was hoping it would be someone pulling the strings or some mental/psychological thing going on. But alas, I was left with nothing- it really was Faith seeing God (or was it!?). The fact that this is not concrete and requires the reader to believe/evaluate according to how they’ve portrayed the story sort of annoyed me because I wanted obvious, stare-in-your-face reasoning as to why she was seeing God.

Nonetheless this book was a big hit for me and I saw myself staying up late defying sleep just to keep reading.

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Friday (Day 2 of Eating on my OWN Time)

Friday started as they usually do with a vegie scramble. Come to think of it, I really should have more variety with my breakfasts. There’s only so many photos you can take of a vegie scramble and ways you can rearrange the ingredients.

photo 1-55


(recycled, but exactly the same)

Then it was off to the gym for a full body weight session. I’ve upped my weights for squats again and finally for the first time ever have felt like I was more able at my romanian deadlifts. About time, I say!

photo 2-54

I do have an issue though, on the topic of squats. I have terrible range. Seriously I wish I didn’t- but I’ve noticed it in squats, pistol squats and other activities where the boyfriend is more than able and I cannot. I’m not sure if it’s a tightness in the hips, groin, quad, hamstrings or what but somethings not performing right.

For example, if I were to say just squat down to pick something up my heels must come off the ground so I’m just on my toes. I cannot physically sit upright in a squat position with my feet flat on the ground (I also struggle and can just do a wide squat in yoga if I roll slightly inwards on my feet). If I do my balance goes completely backwards and I fall to the ground. There’s a pressure around my Achilles and it’s as if I just can’t lengthen it properly in order to ground my heels.

Any ideas what this could be?

Here’s an example of what I can’t do- whether it be for exercise or general daily purposes. [Help me!]




Anyways enough fitness talk, let’s talk about food. Remember how I incorporated a post-workout snack yesterday? It may be all in my head but my body was feeling oddly less-achy than normal (and I had actually done more classes than normal this week) come my second BS that night. I’m not sure if it was the ‘ouch spray‘, my incorporation of a protein and carb post workout re-fuel, or a combination of both. But I’m not complaining…literally, I didn’t whinge about soreness for once!

I was so impressed and ate the same thing again today around 11:20ish when I got home. [1 hard-boiled egg and 1/2 banana with pb]. I was contemplating trying my toast snack to see the difference but thought more protein would be better considering today was a weights day.

That powerhouse managed to keep me going until 2:30pm when I had lunch at work! I was pretty impressed. Considering I’d normally have my toast 12:30 onwards and be struggling to push lunch past 2:30pm (probably over-hungry, body is starving for nutrients).

Our bodies are amazing aren’t they? It’s a wonder why we ever put them through the rubbish we do.



I better wrap it up- this is turning into a bit of a Jodi Picoult novel… without the twist, interesting plot and prize-winning writing of course… haha.

  • When has your body impressed you?
  • Can anyone help a girl out with that range issue? I’m missing out!


  1. It sounds like a tight calf issue (probably from too much cardio!) – try sliding some small weight plates under your feet and I bet that will fix the problem!

  2. Elise says:

    I also can’t squat super low without maintaining an up-right torso, which is super frustrating! I read that ankle flexibility was important, but that doesn’t seem to be my problem. I think the length of your thighbone plays a role in it. In this article: (sorry it’s in French, the first pictures speak for themselves) they basically say that people with long thighbones cannot squat below parallel.
    Elise recently posted…Chocolate crunch barMy Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Isn’t it frustrating! I have a feeling it’s my calves but not sure- thanks for the article haha. Yup, I’ll stick to the pictures :)

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