Eat With Acceptance

Okay during my little slip up at attempting a grain free diet I found plenty of websites and blogs advocating against eating grains.

And that made me feel, well shitty to say the least. Crap for ever eating grains and guilty for wanting to or doing so.

But let’s not be too specific. It’s not just about it being okay to eat grains, but dairy too, meat and yes even a *shock horror* cupcake.




A fantastic and wiser-than-me lady shared with me a little insight (seriously, she’s incredible- check out her blog). [Ps. See how much I get from you guys, my readers- endless banks of knowledge and advice!].

The gist of it was that often people choose to eliminate food groups for vanity reasons, going against why movements like these (eliminating dairy or grains etc) were established in the first place. [It's not to lose weight or to be able to say your a vegetarian, pescetarian, paleo whatever- it's for health issues when your body cannot tolerate it.]

But still we get hopped up on that ecstasy feeling of doing something new and innovative with those who share the same intensity and enthusiasm. However, it’s typically short-lived, making it a craze and a fad- often not realistic for many. [Including me!].

Anyways, I’m sick of it being okay to do one thing and not another when it comes to eating. [In saying this- it's also okay to not eat those foods with good reason. An Eating Disorder is not a valid reason (it's an illness)- that's the only exception]. Everything is okay. Some things should just be done more often than others [eg. eating fruit & vege more than eating cookie dough batter- say what?! haha].

Here’s my version of Why I Think It’s Okay To Eat Grains

  • Because bread tastes awesome
  • At least 90% of the grains I eat is wholegrain <–complex carbs!
  • Grains, especially wholegrains, are useful when needing complex carbs post exercise
  • It creates balance as no food group is silenced
  • Hello fibre (ie. regularity)
  • Keeps me sane
  • Actually decreases my cravings
  • Can you give you that ‘comfort food’ feeling
  • Soaks up soup!
  • It’s married to peanut butter
  • Nutrients
  • It keeps me sane and veers me away from my past restrictive path
  • Stops me binging (seriously I think not eating them would cause me so many issues at this point in my life)
  • You can go out or visit friends to eat without being a pain in the butt (hahaha!)
  • Fresh bread. Need I say more.
  • I only eat on average 2-3 servings a day
  • Wraps and sandwiches are easy convenient snacks and can be very healthy for you
  • I won’t go hungry in Europe (croissant, pasta, pizza anyone? Ha)

What I’m NOT trying to do is condemn those who don’t eat grains, nor am I saying you should eat them. But I am saying that it’s okay. [Whether I'm telling myself or you this is a different story]. It is okay to eat them.

The best and healthiest food you can eat is guilt-free, enjoyed, free from judgement and comparison, and appreciated by your body and taste buds.

Just like we need to Eat Responsibly, we also need to Eat With Acceptance.

Eat With Acceptance

What about you? Why not try your own little rebuttal and tell me ‘Why It’s Okay To Eat ___________’.

Ps. I found this quite amusing and controversial –> Dissecting the Myth: Why Grains Aren’t Bad For You


  1. Michelle says:

    My favorite on your list is “BECAUSE I SAID SO”. Thats a good enough reason alone!

    But if I can add one more – you’re a fitness instructor and need to fuel your body adequately to perform well and inspire others.

  2. Every time I come on your blog I leave blushing with all the kind words you say about me! I love your list of reasons and I agree – bread tastes awesome! That’s why I could never be 100% Paleo myself. I’m glad you’ve wised up ;)
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted…Comment on Push up progressions by TaraMy Profile

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