How Much Is Too Much?

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Fortunately, this isn’t going to be a post that describes eating anything larger than your palm for protein as too much, nor will I be condemning you if you have two desserts rather than one (actually a super fit, healthy and amazing woman did just that the other night).

As usual I’m going to take a different approach from your usual run of the mill, diet and ‘healthy’ living magazines and websites. And I’m proud of it ;)

What I’m talking about is those times when you…

  • Ask yourself- wow is that too much food?
  • Compare your serving of food to the seemingly smaller serving of another.
  • Double guess yourself when getting seconds when you’re hungry.
  • Purposely serve yourself less food than you need/want.
  • Feel guilty for fuelling your body properly.

Etc. you get the message, right?




I guess all these points have something to do with food and how much of it we eat. Basically, they’ll all different ways of saying- I’m eating too much.

But, How Much Is Too Much?

And on what grounds are you making that statement.

Just because you’re eating more than someone else definitely does not mean you’re eating too much. There’s a million differences between you and someone else that could account for the difference in serving sizes. Appetite, body shape, weight, height, exercise, lean muscle mass, energy output, previous eating.

And does seconds means you’re eating too much? Maybe you’re hungrier today. Maybe you worked your butt off at the gym and got yourself quite an appetite. Maybe you inadequately fuelled your body earlier in the day. Maybe you didn’t get enough in the first place.

I could literally come up with a million ‘maybes’ and possible scenarios as to why each of these situations could come about.

So tell me now- why is that too much?



I think the important thing here, underlying it all, is why you feel it is too much.

If you can find out the why, then maybe you can rationalise and do something about it; before you find yourself in the situation where you question- Is That Too Much?

  • Are you often thinking- ‘I’m eating too much!’
  • Why do you think we do this?

Daily Healthy Thought: I’m not what I eat.


  1. No Weigh! | says:

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  2. Kloe says:

    Hey Bek,

    I struggle with this sometimes, and totally get where you’re coming from!
    It’s so easy to compare yourself to others and how much they’re eating, feel guilty/like you’re overdoing it,
    but really we have to always remind ourselves that, like you said, we are probably doing much more intense physical activity, and naturally will need more fuel.
    We shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it, if we’re hungry, that’s our body telling us that it needs fuel! It’s as simple as that, but so hard to kick all the “rules” that exist or we make up for ourselves!

    The best thing we can do is to really tune in to what our bodies need, and honour that.

    Kloe x
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    • BekatCrave says:

      Hey Kloe, I totally agree. We need to learn to ‘run our own race’ and focus on our bodies and what WE need. It’s hard when we are in a society that is constantly judging and comparing. x

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