Body Step AIM 1: Part A

Hay guys! Things are a bit quiet this morning since I’ve spent the last ten hours at my Advanced Instructor Module 1 for Body Step.

photo 4-31

My Saturday has been very fulfilling and challenging, what about yours?

I’m going to give you a two part overview of the AIM 1. For Part A I’m going to share the general outlook of the day, some fun photos and what I munched on throughout. And Part B, which hopefully will be up tomorrow, I will go a bit more deep and meaningful with it all- share what it meant to be, my experiences, challenges, what I learnt and how I will use it.

So let’s bring it on.

It was an 8am start but I arrived early (always best to) at around 20 to 8.

I was assigned track 2, the step warm up as my focus track for the day.

After playing a few fun games and exchanging names we did our first presentation, to which we got feedback from our trainer Clare.

photo 5-26

Hey Clare!

I was a little intimidated by the presentation in front of an assessor my instructor peers but everyone was so lovely so that soon faded.

I hadn’t had breakfast because I decided to get every last minute of sleep before leaving early.

So I had an on-the-go breakfast of a boiled egg (not my fav to be honest, much ┬áprefer freshly boiled when it’s warm) and 2 small slices of my protein slice (there were no bigger portions left wah).

photo 1-56

I also spent the day snacking on a stash of grapes, strawberries and almonds when I needed it.

photo 2-55

We had theory after that where we went over some really interesting and eye-opening stuff, which you’ll learn more about tomorrow.

After sitting around for a while we decided to have a late lunch and get the technique training done.

It was a big 2.5 hour training but went by quickly thanks to everyone’s enthusiasm and passion for Body Step.

photo 4-30

I really enjoyed the technique section because being a perfectionist I always want to do my best on stage and look as strong and professional as possible. We went through foot position, arms & posture, propulsions, feel/flava and execution. This was all done in front of a mirror which I found really beneficial for nailing that technique, and will be continuing to do so I keep seeing improvement.

Finally, it was lunch time and I was a hungry girl. Lucky I packed good lunch of tuna, sweet potato, leftover pumpkin, mushys, carrots, lettuce and sweet chilli sauce.

photo 3-40

Too good to be good for you…almost ;)

After lunch we focussed more on coaching and scripting which I also really enjoyed. It opened my eyes, or more so re-opened my eyes to the layering of cues and I’ll definitely be utilising them in my classes asap.

We split up with a partner and practised our tracks before presenting a final time.

It was amazing how much everyone had improved! Our confidence, technique, cueing, essence- all that was so much more evident.

Which I reckon means we got what we needed to get out of the experience.

Before saying good bye we set ourself goals, both for the immediate, short term and long term. Hell yeah- Les Mills knows that goal setting is where it’s at!

photo 3-41

Oh and we couldn’t leave without some Body Step snaps.

photo 1-57

You know what they say…Body Steppers are the friendliest people!

photo 2-56
  • What did you do today?
  • Do you like to attend events like this that promote constant professional development?
  • Have you ever attended an AIM for a Les Mills program? Share your experience!


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  2. Michelle says:

    You look really happy and vibrant in these photos. Great day from the looks!

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