Weight Watchers

Lets talk Weight Watchers.

Okay, sure I’ve had a weight watchers frozen meal here and there but I’ve never followed their point system or ordered their meals (or whatever they do).

Recently, a friend was telling me how he has started Weight Watchers and has already lost 7 kgs. Fantastic! I’m all for losing weight and getting healthy.

But I’m not really a go-er for Weight Watchers or any of those diet companies because really they’re just that- more expensive, community driven, publicised diets.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slagging or hating on WW at all. Actually I wanted to share what I think are the positive things about WW.

  • Begins to educate you on nutritional value and food in general (better for you, more calorie dense, better nutritional rating etc.). This is a huge plus to me because it starts (and hopefully continues) opening peoples’ eyes to what they are doing and putting in their bodies.
  • Plenty of information and support.
  • Can produce quick results, which although is not necessarily great in the long run and doesn’t indicate permanent results, it can create enthusiasm and momentum so people don’t throw the towel in so soon.
  • It’s not necessarily about restriction (although correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not overly knowledgeable in WW). There’s a point system that allows you to make the choices and if you choose to eat that then you’re going to have to deal with whatever consequences arise. Responsible Eating!

So this is coming from a complete outsider. Like I’ve said I’ve never been a point counter and have always, I guess, cautiously approached WW- as I do any diet.

But there’s a silver lining to everything right?

  • Have you ever done weight watchers?
  • What’s another perk of WW?

Daily Healthy Thought: You will never be lonely or alone.


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  2. I’ve never tried WW but I have known people that have and they’ve said that it was one of the better programs to try. She had similar feedback to your positive points :)
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