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Wednesdays around here are usually pretty loonnnggggg, since I’m up at the crack of dawn and working till 10pm that night. But 89% humidity on a Tuesday night making it impossible to sleep and forcing us to sleep in the air-conditioned lounge on a mattress makes me tired and Wednesday that much loooonngggeeeerrrr.

Enough complaining right?…

How is YOUR Wednesday?

I must admit I had a pretty rockin’ breakfast. The same as yesterday but with semi dried tomatoes. Ahhhh always a winner.

Plus I did have a whole lot of fun at my 6am Body Step class. Since you know, cute outfits make everything funner!

photo 4-29

I also finished my latest Jodi book- Vanishing Acts and started a new one- Keeping Faith. So far I’m loving it!

photo 5-25

Unrelated: Really need to paint my nails! What colour?

But first here’s what I’ve got to say about Vanishing Acts.


I liked it but didn’t love it. The main character, Delia, was a bit of a pain in the kaboose to be honest and a lot of the native rituals and history went straight over my head. It just wasn’t my sort of thing. I also had a soft spot for Eric and the total opposite for Fitz. And felt no remorse for Delia’s mother! BUT oh my goodness, my fav part? The twist about Victor possibly sexually assaulting Delia  (I sensed something was up when he took Sophie for ice-cream) and then in the end it possibly not happening. [Often Jodie leaves things up in the air like this- damn you lady!].

I loved how the prosecutor, Emma (who was preggo) came up at the end and said what she did to Andrew. It just sort of made you feel good. I sort of wished for an entirely happy ending- happy families so to speak- but I guess things don’t always turn out like that aye?

Okay so enough book talk (more like an inconsistent ramble) but let me just finish by saying, I’m still loving Jodi and my latest read (Keeping Faith) is so far my second fav of the Jodi books, behind The Pact which was my first book of hers I read and my absolute favourite.

Anyways, I’m off to sweat work hard. Talk to you in the Am!

  • What did you think of Vanishing Acts?
  • What ingredient always ‘makes’ your meals?


  1. Meredith says:

    Awesome outfit! Lately, adding sweet potatoes to any meal makes it for me :)
    Meredith recently posted…BRAND NEW BROCCOLIMy Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Thanks :) I’m a sucker for skorts haha. Oh yum! Sweet or savoury? I can’t wrap my head around sweet dishes with sweet potato- such a yank thing ;)

  2. Michelle says:

    You’re right, a fresh new outfit can really boost the workout motivation. And I am definitely going shopping for my much-needed new Zumba shoes now :)

    • BekatCrave says:

      Haha! Woo. Yes, it was a sign! I want more workout gear. It’s an addiction haha. Must resist! Although I don’t wear or do Zumba their outfits are always so fluro, bright and fun, I love it.

  3. What a cute outfit and you look like you’re in great shape. I love quinoa, it always makes my meal complete
    Kathy @FoodWineThyme recently posted…WIAW # 3My Profile

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