Protein Hit

Ahhh guys- do you know how amazing you are? Seriously, you know how to get a girl out of a not-so healthy frame of mind. A big hug and thank you to a few in particular that took the time to reach out to me- your comments mean more than you know.

Anyways, onwards and upwards. And what better way to start than with breakfast.

A little bit different this morning, as I’ve decided I’m not going to go cold turkey on grains but rather try and cut down on it to see how my body reacts, how it affects my performance etc. Basically, a little experiment. I’m testing out grain free breakfasts and this morning I did not miss my toast, at all!

Breakfast included 2 eggs, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, carrot (all 4 from a frozen mixed vege packet), butternut pumpkin, shredded chicken breast and pepper.

photo 1-55

Wowsa, talk about a protein hit. A delicious one at that.

Then I went on a little adventure- after being attack by a ravage bug in the car. Let’s just say that my shirt came off, there were bite marks and I squashed that little bugger. Apart from that minor hurdle I had to do our grocery shopping part 2, since yesterday with the floods and all our local Woolworths had lost power and weren’t selling any chilled, frozen, dairy or meat products. [On a happier note Facebook informed me that a supermarket was giving away free ice-cream due to the power outage- woo!].

Today it seems the problems haven’t been resolved so I went to the shopping centre across the road, and had to go to both a Coles and Woolworths in order to get everything we needed (Still need chicken mince!). Things are chaos!

The little stop in at Coles was neat because it allowed me to check out the different range of health products they had on offer. Who knew the had a Coles Simply Less range? Pretty impressed and I’d definitely look into purchasing some of their products.

Then it was foam roll, shower, eat and computer time. Before getting a surprise visit and present from my man.

photo 2-54

What a sweetie! I guess he didn’t get the 411 on the ‘no gloves’ policy aye Tara ;) I love the colour and they are a snug fit. Now I’ve just got to muster up the courage to wear pink gloves in the weights room ha. Surely, it won’t take too long- what with my pink bag, pink shoes and bright attire I’m already sporting.

Odious callouses!

  • Do you wear weight gloves- why/why not?
  • What eating lifestyle do you follow?


  1. Michelle says:

    I just discovered the Coles cottage cheese with pineapple – delicious – and the rest of that range looks worth checking out!

    • BekatCrave says:

      Oh I haven’t seen that yet! Sounds good, except I’ve never joined in with the cottage cheese phenomenon- maybe I should try it? What’s some good combos to ease me into it? I don’t know if I could do the whole sweet cottage cheese thing, it’s too weird :P

  2. Book Worm | says:

    [...] must admit I had a pretty rockin’ breakfast. The same as yesterday but with semi dried tomatoes. Ahhhh always a [...]

  3. LOL!! Given it was a present, I will forgive you ;)

    • BekatCrave says:

      Haha phew, I was a bit nervy there. I’ve used them twice so far for deadlifts. They haven’t made gripping any easier for me haha. Just less callouses.

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