Down Time Down Under

I thought the title was only fitting for Australia Day haha. Got to get in the spirit!

Hey friends- how’s your Australia Day going? (or your Saturday/whatever day it is where you are! Yay for diversity!) Have you managed to tuck into some of my favourite Aussie Eats?

Since, I’m at work there was none of those to be seen, but here’s what I did chow down on after teaching a Body Step class this morning [I did a different recovery track/track 7 and this was an absolute killer for the legs- I didn't know they could hurt that much]..

A quick post-workout snack of a defrosted and warmed protein breakfast slice.

photo 1-49

Then it was time for a proper breakfast. Oats, trim milk (& half water), honey, crushed almonds & sliced banana. It only took 50 minutes to make, thanks to someone being a bit heavy handed with the liquid. The end result was a bit gluggier than usual- which I just so happen to love! Too bad it takes 50 minutes to do…

photo 3-34

Do vitamins count? Delicious!…or not. ha.

photo 2-48

As I was prepping lunch (which was amazing!) I was determined to try out the flavour combo Kristy from Southern In-Law left on my post the other day. I give you- almond butter + sweet potato. Verdict? It’s good not great. Only because I can’t get past the fact that it’s mixing sweet (almond butter) with savoury (sweet potato). It’s so wrong, but sort of so right..

photo 4-24

Definitely the shining star of my eats to day was this lunch. I had enough of my usual Saturday work lunch and thought it’d be a fantastic chance to challenge my food fears (eating something diff and out of routine). If you want to recreate it (and I know you do) it was packed with: lettuce, tomato, carrot, mushrooms, cucumber, sweet potato (a star), chicken (another star) and a bit of sweet chilli sauce.

photo 5-20

I promise there was more than just sweet potato in there! 

…with more eats to come- picture this: driving a few hours in the car whilst trying to manoeuvre a knife to spread nut butter on a fresh roll, then placing sliced banana- which will be sliced also in the car- on top. Tricky (yet delicious) business. Ps. Don’t worry, I’m in the passenger seat at the time- I’m not that good.

Why the long drive?

We are off to spend the long weekend with the in laws! It’s pretty wet around here and there’s been talk of possibly a flooding down south where the in laws live- since they live right on the river.

I’m not really one to change plans last minute (ha!) and I really want to see them to celebrate the MIL birthday, and I did bake a fabulous cake. Which has just so happened to look like it turned out pretty good! The ganache looks even better. It’s sitting in the fridge and I’m hoping that’s not going to dry it out too much- but I’m sure once we heat and serve it tonight it will have moistened up.

Our plans for the long weekend will most likely involve (thanks to the wet weather) indoor activities such as jigsaws, board games (I’m the monopoly queen- and we are bringing pictionary because I love it!), card games, movie watching, lots of chatting and of course plenty of down time. Which is just what I want. Oh plus, we’ll be trying out the little teaser I showed you the other day ;)

How do you entertain yourself indoors when it rains?


  1. You’ve been very busy! This weekend is so exhausting for us. I’m looking forward to sleeping in! :P
    Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella recently posted…Happy Australia Day With Vegemite & Cheese Sausage Rolls!My Profile

  2. The breakfast slices look DELICIOUS. And happy Australia day!
    Jess @ JessieBear What Will You Wear? recently posted…Blogiversary!My Profile

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