Australia Day Eats

Happy Australia Day to all the Aussie readers! And happy Saturday to everyone else :)

In lieu of Australia Day and the 839349230 different ‘Australian recipes’ I’ve seen around the joint and to be a bit patriotic I thought I’d dedicate this post to a list of my favourite Australian eats, complete with recipes where appropriate.

Check it out, in no particular order. [Ps. In advance- I can't believe they are so many iconic Aussie foods!].

Favourite Aussie Eats

1. Tim Tams



Not just your ordinary chocolate biscuit.

Whilst I can’t remember the last time I had a Tim Tam, I know they are good. Plus ask any non-Aussie, say…Fitnessista what she thinks about them. And how could you not love them with all the different flavours they have now- double choc, white, turkish delight, crunchie, mint and more!

2. Lamingtons



Fluffy cake covered in chocolate and lathered with coconut.

My last encounter with lamingtons, is perhaps not the best memory to have- I was in my nasty ED days, restricting bad and I made these [this was the exact recipe] for my partner… only to binge on all the ‘cut offs’ and chocolate icing whilst making them.

But don’t let that scare you away! I’d still do the exact same now, with a healthier mindset of course. There’s different sizes and some even come with cream, but my favourite have always been the small rectangles as you see in the picture. Whereas my boyfriend much prefers the huge cube-type lamingtons.

3. Pavlova

pavlova in springform pan


My favourite part? The marshmallow-y type centre.

Traditionally made with sugar and egg whites, pavlova is a meringue type dessert that can be temperamental. Usually topped with cream and an assortment of fresh fruit, pavlova is a perfect light and sweet dessert.

4. Milo




Spoon it into milk, scatter it over ice-cream, eat it by the spoonful straight from the tin…just eat it.

5. Anzac Biscuits



They have a buttery, rich golden syrup taste to them with a great texture thanks to the oats.

These would have to be my boyfriend’s grandpas’ favourite treat that I make him [Exact recipe]. So much so that last time we came empty handed he was not impressed. I’d say it’d pair perfectly with coffee, tea or hot chocolate. It’s your typical (yet better than) morning or afternoon tea biscuit. Ps. I prefer mine soft to crunchy.

6. Roast




I had to slip a savoury dish in there somewhere!

Apparently a roast (or any meat done on the BBQ) is a typical Aussie dish, according to various recipe collections I’ve been perusing. Well we must be pretty Australian since we enjoy having our Family Roast Nights every Monday night. My favourite is roast turkey, but we also enjoy beef and corn meat in the rotation.

7. Damper




Damper brings back memories of school camps around the fire and that’s probably the first and only times I ever ate damper (I think I may have had it once cooked by my stepmum). Full of fond memories, damper also tastes pretty darn good. On its own it can be quite plain but topped with some butter or jam & cream and it’s good to go. It’s doughy (which I love!), soft and would easily satisfy any carby cravings.

8. Vegemite



As a kid I never ever made vegemite my spread of choice- I only ever remembering eating it sometimes for a last minute dinner with bread and processed square cheese, grilled (ha!). Nowadays it features quite frequently in my breakfasts and snacks. It’s got a salty taste and I’d say it wouldn’t be everyone’s kind of thing, but don’t knock it till you try it!

9. Macadamia Nuts



I’m bombarded by macadamia nuts at tourist gift shops, must be a pretty popular tourist request no? Well fair enough, because they are tasty! The best kind? The ones you crack yourself. My extended family has a macadamia tree in the yard and I remember how we would collect the nuts, remove the outer (leafy) shell and then crack the harder shell using a brick to reveal a (hopefully) perfect macadamia nut. I hear they’re pretty good coated in chocolate too? ;)

10. Weetbix




Growing up I hated weetbix because they would get mushy and I loathed mushiness, but I do remember (get this) eating it raw with raw sugar on top (ha!). More recently, I went through a stage of eating 2 for breakfast every morning with milk, honey & cut up fruit (before the likelihood of oats).

11. Fairy Bread



Ughh what?! I had no idea fairy bread was an iconic Australian food. If you live outside of Australia and haven’t heard of/eaten fairy bread- you’re missing out! Oh I remember eating it like it was yesterday (and at a million b’day parties)- fresh white bread, layer of butter and hundreds & thousands sprinkled on top, and cut into triangles (always). Nowadays if I get the urge for fairy bread (and I have) I keep the bread wholemeal/wholegrain and use low fat butter.

  • What is your favourite Aussie food? Why?
  • Or, what Aussie food would you most like to try? Why?

Daily Healthy Thought: Don’t worry about the last 2%


  1. Michelle says:

    Dark chocolate Tim Tams are fantastic! They’re a Christmas afternoon tradition in our house to accompany all of the more standard desserts – pavlova, trifle etc.

    Fairy bread is the cutest! Looking forward to whipping some up for my niece’s future birthday parties.

    Have a great (rainy) Saturday!

    • BekatCrave says:

      I’ve never tried them, but you may have just talked me into it ;) Aw cute- I love hearing about other peoples’ traditions!
      I reckon! Look, it’s for grown ups too okay haha :P
      Thanks hun! You too, stay safe from the rain :)

  2. Great list Bec! Such a trip down memory lane for classics too :D
    Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella recently posted…Happy Australia Day With Vegemite & Cheese Sausage Rolls!My Profile

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  5. Ohhh, my friend brought pavlova with her for our dinner the other night. I’d never heard of it before (still getting used to all the Aussie specialties). It was delish!

    I know it’s not necessarily an Australian specialty, but I have been LOVING mangos here. You just can’t get them this consistently perfect in Canada (they have to travel too far to get there). I’m obsessed.

    Hope you had a great Australia Day weekend, despite the weather! I enjoyed this blog post :)
    Kelly @ Femme Fitale recently posted…A Few Thoughts (24/01/13)My Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Haha, yay- I’m glad you liked it :)
      Oh my goodness, I’ve eaten 3 mangoes in the past 3 days! Yay.
      Aw thanks, you too hun!

  6. Haha I discovered that fairy bread was an Australian thing when Rob had no clue what I was going on about! I looove damper. And vegemite (and to answer your previous question, yes, they stock vegemite in the UK but I have nothing to put it on!! Haha).

    Here’s where you find out how weird I am…. I don’t like Tim Tams. Or Anzac biscuits. Or pavlova. Or lamingtons. But I LOVE Milo so that makes up for it ;)
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted…A blog change and intuitive eatingMy Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Haha, non-Australians are so clueless :P Oh no! Not anymore since you’re paleo :P Maybe make some paleo bread? When I was tossing around the idea of going grain-less I found some good paleo ‘bread’ recipes.

      You are cray cray! But to be honest, I’d never pick those out of a line up either, although doesn’t mean I wouldn’t eat them and enjoy them haha :P Well I hope Milo is Paleo approved haha :P

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