Are Healthy Bloggers Bad Influences?

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Have we all been busy reading fantastic blog links whilst we should we working? Or are you lucky enough to have the day off? Whatever your situation I hope you get to enjoy the weekend at some point. I know I will be with my rest day, movie + dinner with a girlfriend, date night with my boy & markets!

So..ugh.. I was a bit iffy as to whether or not to bring this up. I didn’t want to create any blogging enemies nor did I want to put you off blog reading. Please keep this in mind as you read the following and realise that this in fact is not the general consensus.

Before I start I just want to say that I never, EVER have wanted to be a bad influence or send you into a downward spiral of nastiness. Whether that be an eating disorder, emotional eating or whatever.

Are bloggers bad influences?

There’s the obvious blogs (which I don’t wish to highlight) that are almost cult like in nature, and promote things that should never be encouraged. That’s the obvious stuff that we (often) know we should not buy into.

But it’s the ‘healthy bloggers’ who label themselves so, that I want to question.

I’m not exempt from this as I’d consider myself a healthy living blogger. I endorse moderation, a healthy mentality, balance, exercise, being happy etc. And I think those among many others factors are very important to being healthy. Whilst some of my habits- like the amount of exercise I do (thanks to a huge class-teaching schedule, although it is counteracted with plenty of eating) or my at times healthier approach to baking could be seen as an a detrimental habit to have, I never write about it with the intent of it becoming the ONLY habits I have [been there, never going back].

Sure, I LOVE exercising but I’ve also embraced a healthier athlete’s mindset, recovery days and many ways to relax myself. And while I do enjoy a healthier baked good or dessert every now and again, I’m also a fan of indulging when the time is right.

[It's just sometimes I guess I don't always want to document that to you. Hell, what if you judge me and think this is a petty excuse for a healthy living blog?]

Maybe that’s why some bloggers only ever advertise certain habits and forget to share the rest. [Even though I oddly get a warming and accepting feeling when I read about healthy bloggers- who look fantastic mind you- that exercise, eat healthy and enjoy some drinks, a dessert or have a bout of 'woops shouldn't of had that extra serving' every now and again. It's like it's actually healthy/okay to eat a dessert. Sometimes those sensitive to ED's need that reassurance].

But there’s still bloggers out there that are selling you the wrong messages (my personal opinion). Whilst ‘healthy’ looks different depending on who you are, eating disorder characteristics can (often) be generalised and universal.

And can you imagine someone who is approaching, battling or overcoming  distorted eating, who comes across a blog that labels itself healthy and promotes distorted eating behaviours as acceptable, normal and bloody healthy. [Sorry this gets under my skin, deep breaths. It's like saying hay, keep on with those unhealthy habits- I do it and I'm 'healthy'.]

That’s not what I want and hopefully that’s not what I do.

I guess I just wanted to blog about this in the hope that maybe someone out there will read it and realise that maybe the healthy lifestyle a blogger is endorsing is nothing of the sorts. That it’s not okay to purposely put your body through over-exercising, under-eating, negativity, harsh judgements, low calorie crud full of chemicals and nasty ingredients all for the sake of being (un) healthy.

  • What is your idea of ‘healthy’?
  • Do you think healthy bloggers are bad influencers?
  • What would you like to see from Crave to promote a healthier image?


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  1. I think there are a lot of negative HLBs out there. When I first started blogging, I started reading other blogs and it actually made me feel bad about myself. I was in a very healthy place, but all of a sudden these bloggers were making me question my eating habits and I felt like I was eating too much and not exercising enough. I try to keep my blog realistic and not influence anyone in the wrong way!
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted…Random Friday updatesMy Profile

  2. I agree with you–it drives me nutso when bloggers put up a front of “i only veggie bowls” or “i only eat sugar free crap” etc etc. That is NOT healthy. for anyone. I don’t judge, it just makes me sad to see that happen.

    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted…Science Behind Les Mills’ GRIT Series / HIITMy Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      I know :( I definitely agree. Sometimes it can be a bit intimidating blaring it all over the internet- but it’s about being honest and being yourself. You’re the perfect example :)

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