My Food Fears

Last night I talked about facing my food fears and thought it’d do me some good to address and recognise them. Because once you first acknowledge them (instead of hiding them away only for them to show their ugly faces later on bigger and badder) you can eventually work on overcoming them.

It’s similar in some ways to my avoidance behaviours, except my food fears all being intrinsically linked to food and eating.




Perhaps you have some food fears of your own, similar to mine or maybe completely different. But know this- that you are not alone in having them, and together we can work on overcoming them.

I want to point out first that many of these are not as serious as they once were, but they are still there in some form (minor or not).

So let us delve into the realm of my food fears:

  • I am scared to eat earlier than my usual time out of fear that I’d get hungrier later.
  • I am scared to eat different types of food/meals sometimes because perhaps it won’t satisfy me as my usual food does, it may be a calorie bomb or I may not enjoy it and have to eat something else.
  • I like to eat my food a typical way because I know I like it like that. Plus I enjoy routine.
  • I am sometimes frightened to eat more indulgent foods (especially sweets) in fear that I’ll get out of control.
  • Sometimes I worry what people think of my eating. I am insecure about eating more indulgent food in front of friends. And sometimes it bothers me that I am frequently hungry (more so then some) and have to eat often (thanks to a heavy dose of daily exercise).

I want to explicitly point out that these are in no way huge dominating forces in my life like they once were. I’m not reverting back to bad behaviours and habits. Instead I’m actually working on improving these and to date I’ve already made plenty of headway. Nonetheless these types of things don’t disappear overnight so it’s only natural for them to rear their heads every now and again (perhaps in a smaller degree to the past though).

Now where to from here? Well we’ve taken the first step in acknowledging them.




The next phase is a tad trickier and I’d say more confronting. It’s time to actually go against these fears and do the things that scares us most. By actually taking part in them (reminds me somewhat of exposure therapy) we are releasing the raw emotions and perhaps the underlying worry that was surrounding it all along. Hopefully, at this point, once acknowledging¬†why¬†we do these things/fear these things we can start to make positive changes.

What are your food fears?

Daily Healthy Thought: I am strong and beautiful.


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