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Facing Food Fears

Hey friends, how’s your Thursday going?

Mine started with the same smashing breakfast I had yesterday.

photo 2-35

Once again the semi dried tomatoes were the star.

Then it was off to teach a Body Step class. I love getting new participants because not only is it a little test for me (to cater to all levels, help them out, bring them back for more) it also means that more and more people are choosing to become active by participating in the best (not biased) form of exercise there is- Body Step! Ha.

especially love getting male participants on board and was pleased to find out that he really enjoyed the class after. Just goes to show that Body Step really is for everyone.

Anyways enough of me trying to sell you Body Step haha. I also had my fortnightly visit with my Therapist. Amongst the many things we discussed I also brought up the little ‘Habit or Obsession‘ topic I shared with you all this morning.

From the looks of it, it’s normal and can be harmless. However, he knows (previously more so) how consumed I can be about my food and eating, and he wants me to be wary with the behaviours. He agreed with me and said why not shake things up a bit and see if something stirs.

So I did the unthinkable. I put my nut butters…on…diagonally!


Okay, understatement of the year right? Well for some of us, and for me in the past, this would have been a big issue. Trust me. I remember when my bf put it on horizontally one time and I was not a happy camper. Ridiculous right?

Well I’m happy to say that my feathers went un-ruffled. But this is just a tiny test, I’m going to keep mixing things up and see what thoughts and feelings arise. Maybe change my usual eating times or something? (This is HUGE step though).

On the agenda for the rest of the day is foam rolling, another Body Step class, dinner (I’m thinking it may be a breakfast for dinner type day) and some relaxing. Plus getting a decent start on my next Jodi Picoult novel- Vanishing Acts.


Seriously, what have I been doing with myself? Book reading is so beneficial. My mind is relaxed, as is my body, plus it’s fantastic entertainment.

If I would have known how hooked I get on Jodi Picoult I would have started a Jodi Book Club from the beginning- who’s with me?! Ha.

Oh and I’ve also got some bad news. Jersey Shore Season 5 isn’t out yet and they don’t think it’ll be till February sometime. Oh my, what will I we do.

That’s all for me folks, but before I go remember to enter the Personal Planner Giveaway! You have till next Tuesday 8am my time to enter! Open to anyone.

  • Do you usually stick to one Authors’ books when reading?
  • What’s a ‘food fear’ you could work on?
  • Have you got any other ideas that could test my ‘food fears’?

Habit or Obsession?

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Okay so I start by eating the corners first and then move to the remaining crusts before finishing the centre (and in my opinion) and best piece.

That’s how I eat my open grill lunch.

Yup, I’m weird like that. I have weird little eating rituals. Rewind the clock back to the dark ED days and my rituals were more like obsessions that had to happen or I ended up in a state of anxiety and depression.

Now they are just cute little perks (are they?) that I like to do. And even before getting into my ED days I had them too, although I doubt at that time I was as aware of them as I am today.

I’m sure if you take a bit to reflect on your eating habits and styles, you too might find yourself in somewhat of a familiar eating rhythm.

For example, my partner eats his favourite foods first and never mixes the food as he eats. It’s fine to mix on the plate but generally he goes for one item at a time.

Mum and I? We’re mixers. I’ll take a little of that and this, and combine the flavours on my fork as I shove it in my mouth. I’m someone who prefers to keep the best to last, which may be why I’m always compelled to finish my plate.

I also like to eat my toast a certain way. I like to have the almond butter and peanut butter halved on the toast vertically. Oh and the toast is always flipped once for a fraction of time in the toaster. I then sprinkle generously with Chia seeds and top with 12 slices of banana. It goes in order horizontally from left to right and makes 4 rows of 3. The thinnest pieces at the beginning and best/thickest at the end.

Does this make me weird?

How about this-

When I eat oatmeal I always eat around the edge first and finish with the middle.

Looking at it, I think oh gosh, they’re going to think I’m insane. But in all honesty I never thought it was all that odd. I’m not even sure if it’s a bad habit to have? I guess it boils down to my routine-like nature (which is why planners and lists are important to me!). And I wonder what would happen if one day I didn’t eat my toast like that or maybe I ate my oatmeal in a different way.

Would I become anxious and stressed? Would I feel the food didn’t satisfy me enough? Would it cause an issue?

Honestly, I wish I could say it wouldn’t. But I don’t know. I like the familiar, I like following a routine and I think that a change could cause a slight bump. Whether or not it’d be catastrophic I can’t say.

Maybe one day I should test that theory and prove to myself that I’m not confined by routines and familiarity, that I can venture out into the unknown. And my god, I can damn well spread my nut butters on horizontally instead of vertically!

What do you think? Is this just another past eating disorder characteristic in a prettier, calmer and more complying hat? Or is this just a thing us humans do?

  • Do you have any food rituals/routines?
  • Do you think this is somewhat of/could be an issue?

Daily Healthy Thought: I am going in the right direction.