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A little while back I was sent a few samples of different vitamins thanks to The Good Vitamin company.




I’ve actually seen this product once before during one of my many shopping adventures to The Chemist Warehouse to pick up my multi-vitamin and St John’s Wort- does anyone else love Chemist shopping?

Plus you know I’m a vitamin taker thanks to Twitter.



Upon my first encounter with The Good Vitamin I must admit I immediately overlooked them due to their cheap price. I mean obviously they would be low dosage and use cheaper formulas, right?

It wasn’t till I was given the experience to review the products that I learnt more about them. Just so you know- my family knows their vitamins. My mum use to work for a huge pharmaceutical company for years, after repping for Vitamin companies forever, and therefore knows everything there is to know about dosage and ingredient formulas.

I was also surprised at their large range!

photo 1-31

So naturally she was the first person I asked about this. I was actually really surprised when she told me that the dosage is pretty standard and that most of the formulas were familiar to her. She did say that they did use some cheaper standard formulas but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less effective.

The products I had the opportunity to try was the Multivitamin, Sleep Well, and Nail, Skin & Hair Care.

photo 2-31

Since I was already taking a Multivitamin I decided to give my boyfriend that one to test run for me.

photo 4-18

He hardly takes vitamins, unless forced and probably wasn’t consistent as he should have been with the multi. However, he did notice that his immune was much better as he was feeling better and that he saw improvement in his skin.

Being a routine chick I was taking my Nail, Skin & Hair Care vitamin every morning with the four others I was already taking.

photo 5-14

I was thankful in that this vitamin didn’t have the gross taste that some deliver as they slide down your throat. It’s the same size as your typical multi and of a blue/grey colour.

Looking at my nails I have noticed that white dots on the nail have vanished, the whiteness of the tips has increased and my nails have been more resistant to breakage. I know this one for sure because I’m a naughty nail picker and they’ve given me a great battle lately. However, it may be due to the vitamin or maybe I’m just picking them less?

I haven’t noticed much different in my hair or skin, and if anything my skin has had more blemishes lately with the nasty heat. Obviously, not a result of the vitamin however.

photo 3-22

The other one I tried was the Sleep Well and was taken when I felt like ‘oh boy tonight is going to be one of those nights when I struggle to sleep’. Coincidence or not, every time I took a Sleep Well in that situation I had no issue whatsoever sleeping.

Why then are these so cheap? I put it down to the fact that advertising is non-existent and very little has been put into the appearance of their products. The vitamins are almost too good to be true with the entire range priced at only $5.95 a bottle. I was also very impressed to read all the products are 100% Australian made (with the exception of the Fish Oil range) and Australian owned.

The company also promotes something that I whole heartedly agree with-

all Australians should be able to enjoy the benefits of good vitamins and mineral supplements at an affordable price.”

It’s about making good health accessible to everyone.

I’m very thankful that I was offered this chance and I should have known better than to judge a book by its’ cover- or a vitamin by its bottle. I’ve already perused through the entire product range which you can find here and decided on purchasing the Magnesium, Glucosamine and Mega B Complex. Plus mum’s also been won over and decided to purchase a few for herself too (This is a big step for her because she is gung-ho on buying brand names).

To find out more please visit The Good Vitamin website or contact them.

**These products were provided to me by The Good Vitamin Company free of charge. However, this did not affect or influence my review of them as all opinions and thoughts are entirely my own.**

What vitamins do you take? Are you a brand name buyer?


  1. I haven’t taken vitamins in years. I think I’m healthy but I guess you never know right and they’re insurance in case you’re missing out on something!?
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