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Okay, I want you to scratch every other time I’ve said to you it was the hottest day ever and replace it with today. Today IS the hottest day ever. I need this heatwave to be over. I’m literally covered in a sweat and everything is sticky and gross.

You better believe I’m drinking water. Plus I’ve got two fans that are blowing hot air towards me.

photo 1-30

Yup, thank you for that.

And an impromptu seat cover for my less than ideal leather seat- although it is comfy.

photo 2-30

What I would give to be back sitting in blissfully air conditioned Gold Class. Although I’d prefer Les Miserables to not be on.

Apart from the heat I managed to get a really decent sleep in this morning (after a midnight bedtime last night) until 9am, since today was my recovery day! After waking I decided to stay in bed a while longer and read my way through Perfect Match.

Then it was back to reality and the heat with work. Which brings me to the now. Tonight I’ve got another social event- not going to isolate myself anymore!- with a few girlfriends from uni. We’re off to Southbank for dinner and haven’t decided where yet. I’m crossing my fingers for some Ginga sushi!

I feel like I’ve let you all down a bit with the blog lately. With my less than smooth transition to self hosting and loosing so many of my followers I’ve been trying so hard to get a grip on everything. Hopefully, things should be running smoothly from now on and you can buckle down for bigger and better things from Crave!

But if you did miss out on some of my posts along the way you can find them here:

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I’m off to sweat work and enjoy a late lunch!

How do you deal with crazy heat?

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