Food Control

I’ve left myself a note to talk about this subject of food control on my iPhone ever since my bf said quite an unknowingly philosophical thing the other day. In more refined words it went something like this:

Food will control you when you do have it and it’s controlling you when you don’t.

For some of us food has this way of controlling everything. Where you go, what you do, who you see. It’s all part of foods’ little control mechanism and not so long ago I was a slave to that. I will admit food still does have some sense of control over me but the volume has been cranked down much lower than it use to be- it’s a nice hum opposed to a blaring noise.




Anyways what do we do when we feel like food is controlling us? Well we control it. We go to the absolute extreme and decide I will no longer eat you. Yeah, lets see you control me when I don’t encounter you anymore.

But who has the control there? You think you’re making the choice, you have the control when in hindsight it’s still the food but it’s just rearing a different ugly head. You’re choosing this not because it’s what you want to do- it’s what the food is making you choose. Ipso facto, food has the control.

It’s sort of like that saying- you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

But in saying that it makes it look like it’s all a lost cause right? Like food will always control us? Wrong.

How can we combat this? I will be honest in saying that I don’t have the answes, but also that there won’t necessarily be one answer and that one answer most probably won’t be the only thing needed. I’d love to have a magical saying that you can pluck out and voila food no longer controls your life. But things just don’t work like that.

What we can do is stop playing the control tug-o-war with food. When you loosen YOUR grip on the rope [control on the food], likewise will happen with food’s grip.

Instead focus all that extra energy you normally used as a control mechanism and insert into becoming at peace with food and your body.

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Do deal with food control? How can you suggest going about ‘loosening’ that control?

Daily Healthy Thought: I am at peace and accepting of my body and the food it needs to survive, function and perform.


  1. That’s a tough question. I think that’s the million dollar question Bec! :)
    Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella recently posted…Spice Temple & Crown Towers, MelbourneMy Profile

  2. Meredith says:

    Great post, I read a great book a couple years ago called Naturally Thin by bethenny frankel and it really helped with my mindset on this. I try to think of food like this- “you can have it all, just not at once”-portion control is the key!
    Meredith recently posted…Pizza…A twist on traditionalMy Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Oh cool, I’ve heard of that but never read that myself. That’s a great quote! :) I might have to check that book out now!

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