It’s Got To Be Pink

I Loveeeeee Thursdays! Always have, always will.

Not only do I get to teach two Body Step classes (in the am and pm) but I also got to see an amazing girlfriend that I haven’t seen in yonks.

Say hello to the gorgeous Bek (not me- her, we have the same name)

photo 4-16

I was wayyy overdue a pedicure- my feet are disgusting- and we decided that it was a Spa Pedicure kind of day. Plus, it was on special how could we not?

photo 1-27

It was great to spend time chatting and catching up whilst sitting in a massage chair and getting our feet and toes glammed up.

The hardest part was choosing the colour for my toes. But knowing me, and taking a quick glance around the colour scheme of the blog, you better believe I got pink!

photo 3-20

I’m so glad I made the choice to become more social because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have the chance to see this amazing lady. Plus I’ve now got another person to add to my support system. Bek was surprisingly understanding, empathetic and helpful. It’s a warming feeling when you decide to let someone in and that someone turns out to be totally worthwhile.

Apart from those shenanigans I also spent some more time renovating and working on the old, well new blog. Unfortunately, it was confirmed that all who have followed me whilst logged into a account- known as ‘wordpress followers’ (not your email subscribers) cannot be transferred. Wahhhhh! So if you’re one of those (and would like to) please re-subscribe [see right sidebar] because I’d love to have you as part of the Crave family again.

Note to self: Don’t change domains or transfer to a self hosted site ever again. Stress levels= 783274308091.

What beauty treatment if your favourite? What gets your stress levels high?


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