Okay so I’ve been a wee bit slack with the reviews for this release but that’s just because I want to do the programs enough to be familiar with them, and I wanted to review all the tracks (optional/bonus tracks also) in one go. The instructor did say there is one bonus track on this release but we haven’t done it yet, so what you’ll see here is a review of the six usual tracks.

Let me start by saying that this release was totally kick ass. I mean I LOVED it. I had been ranting about it all over facebook, twitter and even on this blog from the moment I tried it. Prepare yourselves for CXWORX 9.




For this out of the know (I feel sorry for you- get familiar with CX it’s great!) CXWORX is a 30 minute core conditioning class that uses free weights and a resistance band. Personally it has done amazing things for my stomach toning, shape and my lower back strength. Although CXWORX does have aesthetic powers it also is great for improving day to day functionality.

I bring to you- CXWORX 9!

Track 1- Warm Up. This warm up definitely gets your lower abs warm and working with the triple tap move you do at the beginning (eventually moving into a double foot tap if wanted). The whole core area gets warm as we thrust, twist, crunch and tap. Once again there is a focus on keeping the lower back on the ground and avoiding the arch. A nice, cruisey song to kick the class off.

Track 2- Core Strength 1. The second track has always been the most intense, but I actually much prefer this track compared to earlier releases. The intensity is still there but for some reason it felt like this track was so much shorter, although it’s not! (Good for those who can get easily overwhelmed and may help you stick out those tougher options a little more knowing it won’t last long). I think it has something to do with only having three rounds. The first and last are the same and feature lots of options for knee or toe hovers with lots of extra advanced options such as the salute and moving salute action (killer), as well as an optional leg lift during the third round. Second round we flip onto our backs and do a similar leg low/V crunch move that past releases have seen. A weight is optional also at this point. Good song to keep you pushing yourself, with a nice techno-type remix. I’d say this was my favourite CX track 2 to date.

Track 3- Standing Strength 1. Track 3 use to be one of my despised tracks because of the annoying woodchop move. Thankfully, this release saw no woodchopping in sight and replaced it with a push, pull, push move. Although I much prefer this move it still definitely works your slings and you still feel it in the shoulders, arms and chest. There’s a few squats here and there, with the band lifted above your head or an optional weight. This track like usual is one that gets your heart rate up.

Track 4- Standing Strength 2. This track focuses on getting a good burn in the butt primarily and this release definitely delivers just that. It reverts back to doing the ‘penguin’ walk (I likey) with leg lifts as well as single legged squats and rows. Good song to get you pumping and you’ll definitely feel like your butt is working after this one! If you’re like me and want to work a little harder I’d recommend the black band for this track.

Track 5- Core Strength 2. I’m so so glad that they upped the anti with this track! I love this track but I also hate it because it’s intense. I’m a huge fan of the side hover rolls but it’s the side hover with the 16 ‘shakes’ that really gets you. Side obliques are being put to work the entire time! We then move onto a deconstructed side crunch which I thought was a bit meh compared to the start- I think that could be changed up a bit for added intensity.

Track 6- Core Strength 3. This track is like no other Cx has seen before and is another one I love! You actually loop the band onto both feet and use it to do wide chest rows and inner rows. You finish with a thrust (optional leg lifted) whilst using the resistance band to work against your body. Without fail I always get a leg cramp in my hamstrings!

Overall CXWORX Release 9 has been my favourite CXWORX ever! The moves are phenomenal, it’s challenging and it really zones in on the right areas. I don’t really have much comment on the music to be honest since I guess this kind of class format the music doesn’t really stand out to me like it does with other formats. (Does anyone else get that?)

If you haven’t tried CXWORX yet, now is a great time to with this stellar release! It’s releases like this that also make me want to train in CXWORX so bad…one at a time Bek.

For more about CXWORX check out the website here.

Have you tried the CXWORX Release 9? What is your favourite CX track so far?


  1. Ally says:

    I agree! This is one of my fav CX releases yet! In fact, I’m planning to film my certification on it!

    • BekatCrave says:

      Yay me too! Awesome, good luck for your certification :) The release is so good it makes me want to train in CX too! Haha.

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  3. Dr. Google | says:

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  4. Kristen says:

    Hey! Thanks so much for breaking the class down like this – it really helps for me to think back to all the moves. I find that the half hour tends to just fly by, and then I’ve forgotten all the moves.

    I also agree that the music isn’t the greatest, in terms of being “pump-up” material like the other classes, but I suppose that might be because we spend so much time on our backs.
    Kristen recently posted…Setting GoalsMy Profile

    • BekatCrave says:

      Hey Kristen, No problem at all! I am so the same haha, it’s such a great class isn’t it? And so easy to recreate at home or steal some of the moves for a sneaky at-home core workout ;)

      I find that I actually don’t focus on the music all that much, it’s more background noise than anything. Music is so important in say Body Step (for the essence of the class) and Body Attack (for the motivation) whereas it’s not so much in CX. But that doesn’t make it a great class- it’s one of my faves!

      Are you a Les Mills fanatic also?

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