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Never Assume

Hey lovelies! How’s your day going?

It’s the first chance I’ve had to myself to actually sit and jump on the computer, so I’ve been a bit busy.

I’ve had a morning Body Step class to teach, errands to run and a therapist appointment to get to. As well as another appointment to check out a venue for my 21st. Yes, it’s not till June- but you’ve got to get a kickstart on these things before they book out.

Before we get into anything, what did you think about my earlier post on- Clean Eating or Just a Healthy Lifestyle? I know you guys know your stuff so I always love your feedback.

Actually, I can’t say I actually know for sure that you know your stuff because that might not be the case at all. Check out Lindsay’s recent post on this.




It had me reflecting on my blogging style and possibly adjust the way I post and deliver information. I’m definitely guilty of marginalising parties that aren’t educated or knowledgeable in the areas of health and fitness. And I guess that’s my fault for making that assumption.

If this is you (you’re not the health and fitness savviest), that makes me pretty excited, because obviously you have some interest in learning about it all since you’re reading my blog (unless you just dig my quirky posts ha!)- and that’s the first step! And hopefully I can help and join you for the journey.

Anyways, lets talk about my therapist appointment..

It went really well and we discussed many of the issues I shared with you the other day.

He was really pleased that my body rebelled the way I did (that makes one of us) when I contemplated giving up grains, because it was a sign that it obviously was not for me. Although he couldn’t and wouldn’t stop me, he is very against me doing anything restrictive in nature and would go against me ever eliminating grains in the future. He said it’s kind of a huge thing to do (well yuh) and a very restrictive move that will very likely lead me back into restrictive, ED and unhealthy eating habits.

He also felt that it is likely that my body dissatisfaction caused me to go to this drastic and inventive measure because I’m already doing so much (in terms of diet and exercise) for my health. However, even with all that work I’m still not satisfied with it, therefore I felt the need to go to greater measures in hope that I will be.

I did get a big kudos though for challenging some of my avoidance behaviours and really wants me to start working on breaking that ‘time barrier’.

You know the one where you listen to the clock to eat, not your body. And you fight your bodies natural signals for fuel, because the clock doesn’t indicate the right time. Yep, that one.

Making myself responsible here, I’ll be honest in saying that this really scares me (mind my french- shitless). It’s not that I can’t just change the times and eat whenever, it’s that I won’t. And I won’t because I’m petrified. I need some sort of stepping stone or situation where I can begin challenging it in small ways before progressing to bigger challenges. This is where I need YOUR help.




  • How can I challenge my ‘eating to the time’ habits?
  • Do you consider yourself to be health and fitness savvy?
  • What things health and fitness related would you like to see more of from Crave?

Clean Eating or Just a Healthy Lifestyle?

I recently read through a ‘What Is Clean Eating’ article by Clean Eating Magazine and felt the need to delve into it a bit further. So prepare yourself with snippets from the article.




As I was reading through the article I felt myself nodding, although nothing was overly surprising to me. This is when I came to question, is ‘clean eating’ really just a healthy lifestyle?



Take for example these few points:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Portion sizes
  • Eating often enough
  • Have healthy fats
  • Enjoy your food

Actually all 16 points, bar a few here and there are basically what I’d categorise as plain old healthy living.

And while it does say to ‘avoid processed and refined foods’ it doesn’t say to completely eliminate it. You know I’m a moderation & balance gal through and through, so that is a-okay with me.

I don’t know what I expected though. I guess with each diet phenomenon, I approach with caution expecting extreme or unmanageable-in-the-long-run methods.

But this wasn’t the case.

And it’s actually a little comforting in the fact that there is some rational ‘diets’ (so to speak) out there. But that may be a bit ironic because I guess if they were rational then they wouldn’t be diets now would they?



I’d say my healthy lifestyle could definitely be referred to as Clean Eating. Ps. Hell Yeah to the picture above!

Have we just made Clean Eating another label to for good old-fashioned Healthy Eating?

  • Have you got more info to share about Clean Eating?
  • Do you follow Clean Eating?