2012 Countdown

Let’s bring in the New Year with a few cyber cocktails, delicious nibbles and a fun little countdown of sorts.





Surely you’ll find something you like..



Below is a countdown of all random sorts. FYI: number 1 would be the most popular.

I was actually surprised that overeating is the highest! I guess many of us seek blogs for help- which is fantastic! I’m also super pumped that a group fitness class is in the ranks.

Top Search Terms:

5. don’t give up

4. disappointment

3. be happy

2. body pump

1. overeating

Now let’s get a little crazy and seek out my selection of the oddest search terms. Seriously guys, what were you thinking…

  • wardrobe malfunction workout
  • compulsive eating tattoo
  • round ass crave <– should I take this as a compliment or be a bit worried..
  • ladies crotch muscles
  • do i have a weird back
  • guys toenails <— hahahah what?!
  • do marathoners pee
  • where in brisbane can i get maple tree hugger ben and jerry’s <— we have some dedicated B & J people out there.

Moving onto blog posts- these were the top as viewed and clicked on by you. In countdown fashion once again. I’ve also categorised this category- organisation freak alert- for you in terms of general (all posts), recipes, group fitness and health/self-help related posts.

Top Posts

  • General

5. Disappointment

4. Body Step 89 <– yeah yeah!

3. Body Pump 83

2. Overeating

1. Body Pump

  • Recipes

5. Vanilla Protein Slice

4. Marshmallow Slice

3. Brownie Recipe <– probably my fav sweet recipe!

2. Protein Breakfast slice

1. Christmas Pancakes

  • Group Fitness

5. Body Combat 53

4. Body Balance 58

3. Body Step 89

2. Body Pump 83

1. Body Pump

I can’t believe how Body Pump- obsessed we all are!

  • Health & Self-help

5. Calorie Counting

4. St John’s Wort

3. Love yourself even though you’re not perfect.

2. You can’t please everybody & Self-Happiness

1. Overeating

  • Personal

5. Where I am

4. Why do I do it?

3. Didn’t come quick enough

2. My binge battle

1. About me (duh)

Hopefully you had as much fun as I did reminiscing and counting down the top moments in Crave. I’ll leave you now to enjoy your own countdown with friends, family and loved ones.

Happy New Year to you all! I hope 2013 brings you many fantastic memories and moments which you to choose to embrace. Stay healthy and happy- and party hard for the rest of the year.

change sign small 2013 quote2



I’ll see you next year ;)

Have you got a countdown you’re doing tonight? What do you typically do for the last minute of the year? What do you do once the new year is here?


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  2. Madi Felipe says:

    lady crotch muscles?!?!? BAHAHAHAHHA ohmygoodness that’s h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s.

    It’s been quite the year missy! Hope those lady crotch muscle posts keep getting you pageviews ;) hahahah

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