What Magazines Tell Us

During a late dinner the other night, yes we decided on Grill’d- fantastic decision thank you very much…

photo 5

…we browsed an Australian health magazine and I thought it’d be cool to share some of the smart, dumb, quirky and plain crazy stuff they are telling us.

Amen sister! Been there.

photo 1-1

photo 2-1


photo 3-2

Haha, alrighty? Love to know how they did their research!

photo 4-1

Hopefully I wasn’t the only one who thought they meant food that looks sexy..I mean food is attractive, is it not?

photo 1-3

Done and done.
photo 3-3

photo 4-2

photo 2-3

photo 5-1

And then to top off the night we finally got our dose of long awaited Marble Slab..and yes mine was better than his. Ps. Can you believe these are the small sizes? This is why we love this place haha!

His: Red velvet ice cream, candy sprinkles, choc chips & brownie

photo 1-2

Mine: Butter Pecan ice cream, peanut butter & walnuts

photo 2-2


  1. yummmm red velvet ice cream!

  2. Madi Felipe says:

    Marble Slab? huh. I worked at a place here called Cold Stone and me thinks it is an impostor! haha if the employees make the ice cream mixes right in front of you then yes it is! that’s great, but not the best place to work when attempting to avoid sweets. yikes..

    • xoxbekxox says:

      Yeah, we have a cold rock here which is the exact same as your Cold Stone- Marble Slab is similar to a different Ice Cream store you have over there. It’s the same concept as cold rock/stone but Marble Slab is better- better flavours, value, mix ins, service etc. I use to go there religiously. Haha, I reckon you’d get over it after a while? Well that’s what they say..but I don’t think that’d work for me ;) Not with my sweet tooth.

      • Madi Felipe says:

        HA if anything i fell MORE in love with ice cream… so dangerous. the first summer i gained 15lbs!! then lost it over the year and thenext summer i didn’t have any ice cream until the day i quit…and i went a little crazy that day….hahaa but it slobber-on-my-shirt delicious

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