It Happened

I can’t believe the day has come, the day that I never thought I’d see- not until I was falling apart (getting old) or busy with munchkins (children ha). But it came and it happened. What I’m talking about here is the fact that I left half way through a Fitbox class. This, for me, is unheard of. There’s never a group fitness class that I don’t look forward to doing and never a time when I don’t have tremendous fun, and a great workout! But today I was just not feeling it. And that’s okay :)



No I have not been abducted by aliens but rather I think it contributes to this little scenario-We are experiencing a crazy hot heatwave in Brisbane at the moment. My bedroom has never been ‘cool’, it’s the hottest room in the house (and the sun also likes to wake us up every morning- bright and early) and the fans do little else but circulate the sticky, hot air. So amidst the hotness last night we decided to sleep downstairs on the phuton with the air con. Perfect plan right? Wrong.

I slept horribly. I awoke several times throughout the night in pain. My body ached, especially my shoulders and I struggled to get comfortable. This meant, come 8am as my alarm went off to have breakfast and head to the gym, I felt like I’d just experienced a very heavy night of drinking or a serious wrestling match. Mix that in with a ‘not-enough-sleep’ state means you’ve got a recipe for no motivation. But motivation isn’t necessary right? It’s not like I overtrained and my body needed the rest, it’s just that I was not feeling the workout due to these predisposed reasons. So I went anyway.

Once I got there, after explaining to several people that no I’m not sick or hungover, but merely sore and sleep deprived, I began the work out. In all fairness this is probably my least favourite group fitness class because it’s not a Les Mills class and instead exercises and workouts are organised by the instructor. It doesn’t have the same music, choreography, motivation, passion and atmosphere that I feel Les Mill classes offer (more on this soon!). Half way through I knew that it was not going to be fair to the other participants and the instructor to ‘half-ass’ the workout, so I kindly let the instructor know and left. Instead I went down to the weight machines and did some leg presses, hamstring flies, inner & outer abductor moves, lat pulls and chest presses. I worked hard, even though I didn’t get the same sweat I would in a cardio-based group fitness class, and the change felt good. However, I did make sure to keep an eye on the clock to make it back upstairs for Body Balance. Today was the perfect day for that class and it felt amazing…plus the relaxation at the end was welcomed with open arms.

cat sprawled out sleeping


Anyways I just wanted to share this to re-confirm (because you all knew this right?) that it was OKAY to skip/alter the gym/run/workout if you’re not feeling it. We all do it. Plus the last thing you want to do is force yourself to do it when you know you shouldn’t and end up slowly starting to despise it.

Ps. I realise that yes, I may have a slight obsession with cute cats and dogs.

When and what was your last workout that you just weren’t feeling?


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