Cannot hold in my excitement

AHHHH is today not a fantastic day? I am teaching a triple (yep 3) amazing Body Step classes today and my beautiful boyfriend is chilling with me all day- we even snuck in a little movie date. But by far the most exciting thing..this!


Do you know what THIS is?

This is THAT





Yep, this (or is it that?) just happened. To say I’ve gone Vitamix crazy is not an exaggeration. You all know I was umming and ahhing the whole Vitamix purchase thing, well luckily for me (and unlucky for my bank account probably) I’ve got this one as a loaner for a few weeks. So many ideas, so many functions, so much love! I’veĀ We’veĀ managed to do three different things with it already. And since I was very impressed with his Vitamix-ing abilities I’ve decided to feature the bf’s Banana Smoothie recipe first.


Banana Smoothie

Makes one large serving or two non-greedy ones.


  • 5 ice cubes
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1.5 cups of trim milk (any milk is fine)
  • 1 tbs of caster sugar
  • 3 tbs of skim milk powder (full cream is okay also)


  1. Chuck all the ingredients in the Vitamix and go for gold (yes, that were his words).
  2. Work your way up from 1 to 10, and back again until combined.
  3. Serve in cute glasses or drink straight from the jug…the latter option is not advised haha.


Oh and check out the too-cute-for-words Smoothie cup? Someone seems to have already taken claim on it…but he’ll have to put up a fight ;)


What is your favourite flavour of Smoothie?

We’ve got this bad boy for a few weeks, so I’d love to get some inspiration for great smoothies from you guys!


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  2. Great to see how you excited you are by the Vitamix. We use ours every day! My husbands favourite post workout protein smoothie is 1 x banana, large handfull or frozen blueberries, protein powder, no fat plain yoghurt, almonds or macadamias and lots of ice! It’s very purple but goes creamy and oh so tasty! Try it out and enjoy :-)

    • xoxbekxox says:

      Definitely growing attached to it! That sounds yum- I’ll have to try the whole smoothie thing. I don’t do smoothies often because I feel like they don’t feel me up and it’s a waste haha. But you’ve convinced me ;)

  3. Girl, how did you manage to get a loan of one?! Haha – no doubt you’ll be hooked ;P

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  5. CCU says:

    Haha your excitement is tangible my friend, and good job fixing up such a delish banana smoothie straight up :D

    Choc Chip Uru
    CCU recently posted…Huh?My Profile

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