GRIT 21 DAY CHALLENGE: Why are you doing it? [It's not all about weight loss!]

Hello challengers, readers and everyone else not otherwise specified! I (we) are mid way through the 21 Day Grit Challenge. Hopefully, you’re also well on your way to reaching those challenge goals you set at the beginning too!

The half way mark can mean many different things for each person. Maybe you’re starting to feel the constant ache in your quads (both my visitors had jelly legs for days!), maybe even starting to dread the classes- although I highly doubt that. Perhaps it’s more likely that you’re motivated now more than ever to reach your personal fitness goals, to totally kick butt in this challenge and you just cannot wait for your next Grit Strength class! However, it’s also realistic that coming into the crazy-busy holiday season some of us are struggling to make time to get to the gym, let alone complete our challenge goals and the 7 classes! Therefore, I think now is as good a time as any to reflect and remember why we are doing this challenge..and like the title suggests, for many of us it’s not about the weight loss.

Often the aesthetic motivators are masks and whilst losing weight may be a great reason to exercise, many of us are participating in this challenge- or exercise in general!- for other reasons. Maybe you’re doing this challenge to show yourself and others that you CAN do it. It’s possible that it’s a fitness aspiration of yours to complete the challenge. Or perhaps it is just the beginning of the healthy lifestyle you’ll be living for the rest of your life- and what a way to kick it off!

My reasons for completing this challenge? Naturally, as a fitness class obsessed person and a fitness instructor I LOVE getting the chance to get all sweaty and work out in the group fitness/team training atmosphere. For me there is no better feeling than working out with others to reach our goals, get healthy and looking great whilst doing it (couldn’t help myself!). It’s also a fitness thing for me. This challenge is a chance for me to push my limits and load my bar up with heavier weights, jump higher, burpee stronger and rock those jack push ups like nobodies business. Ultimately, these are my two reasons for doing the challenge: for my fitness, and for the fun of it I guess? I’m lucky that going to these classes takes no motivation whatsoever as I love and am so passionate about this form of working out. I’m also very grateful that I have the chance to share my experiences with other challengers, whilst also hearing what they’ve got to say.

So you know my reasons, now it’s your turn!

Why are you doing the 21 Day Grit Challenge?

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