Grit Strength 21 Day Challenge: Goals

What a better way to start off the day and the Grit Strength 21 Day Challenge then with goals?! I’ve posted fitness goals for myself a while back and I’ve told you how important it is to align them with things you value, otherwise the chances that’ll you’ll accomplish them will not be what they should.


That’s why I love that this challenge has included goals. I mean it’s pretty obvious that unless we set ourselves something to aim for, it might just be another gimmick we jump into. But if we really want to get something out this experience then setting goals, and achieving them through self determination and help from our Grit Captains is definitely something worthwhile!

Something else I love about these goals is that they can be about anything you want. It doesn’t have to be about weight loss or measurements (although it can be) but it has the option to go deeper than that. And knowing me, I dabbled in that a bit myself. I wanted to choose goals that would be achievable, sustainable (after the challenge was completed!) but still challenging. Too often we make goals for ourselves that last for a couple of weeks and then fizzle away. Well not for me, I want to work towards something that I’ll get to hold onto.

Okay so my goals? Well here they are.

1. Increase my squat weight.

I’ve been at this squat weight for a bit and use it in pump for more repetitions, so this should be achievable. However, the bar at the moment is difficult to lift over my head and put down during the track- so challenging is also the name of the game. This goal focuses on my strength and ability! Plus I’ll be able to keep up this weight post-challenge because I know I’m capable of doing it.

2. Get a leaner, more defined stomach.

Now this is also related to a personal goal I have for myself- to feel more confident in a crop top. I guess this goal is more for vanity. However, there’s two ways of getting this goal. Not only through Grit will my core and shape improve (therefore working that stomach- have you done their ab track?!) but I’m hoping it will also help my self confidence. And we all know that we could look absolutely bangin’ but unless we have the right frame of mind (healthy, positive thoughts!) we will never see it.

3. Get stronger and fitter- so to be able to work harder.

As a self confessed…hmm gym-athlete? (Haha) I’m always looking to improve my fitness because after a while your body becomes more efficient at the workouts and no longer needs to work as hard (especially with steady-state cardio). However, with Grit things are different, so that’s why I’m making it my goal to be able to work harder during that class. The only way to do it? Get stronger and increase my fitness. You’ll see- by the end of this challenge I’ll be jumping and exploding higher, burpee-ing stronger and rocking out tricep push ups on my toes! (With the in-your-face screaming help of the Grit Captains).

Remember these goals don’t have to be a solo act. Your Grit Captains are there to help you, family, friends, partners and other gym members (plus me!) are also there for you. Use that motivation, use that support and you’ll be accomplishing your goals in no time.

If you’re part of the Grit Strength 21 Day challenge or you’re currently undergoing your own ‘fitness challenge’ why not set yourself some goals!

What are your goals for the Grit 21 Day challenge or your fitness goals in general?


  1. Tara says:

    You need to head over to the squat rack so you don’t have to keep hoisting that weight over your head! It’s going to be hard to press 50kg over your head ;)

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