Have we gone and made these yet? If you haven’t I’ll forgive you because I know how it is when you’re busy. But why not spend tonight whipping up a batch- you won’t regret it ;) Oh and Happy Halloween! Although I don’t celebrate it myself I have seen lots of little munchkins walking around the neighbourhood in their classrooms- it’s adorable!

I’m hoping since it’s Hump Day it doesn’t mean that it’s all down hill from here, but it does mean that Thursday and Friday will fly by, and I’ll be able to relax (fingers crossed). But first, I’ll have to make it through the school sleepover. The year 3’s that I teach are having a sleepover at the school tomorrow night and as the prac teacher I’ve been invited to come. Of course, I’m looking forward to it but I’m also dreading the lack of sleep and overtired state I’ll be in on Friday. This girl needs her sleep. Oh well, it’s one day and then after this week I’ve only got ONE week till prac is done and dusted! Come at me holidays!

So here I am watching Modern Family’s Halloween edition. Why may you ask? Because I got to the point where I crashed (not literally, although thanks to a bloomin’ rock my windscreen has a giant split in it) and I have no other option then to stop. In an emotional and exhausted state I began to drive to my gym class (participant, not teaching) and realised I was not listening to my body. I am absolutely exhausted and using my athletic mindset I knew the right thing to do was come home and stop. Stop everything and do only the things I wanted to. That included watch some tv, blog to you lovelies and read some blogs- all for enjoyment & entertainment and not for necessity or obligation. Lucky I have an amazing bf who said he will do whatever I need him to- I’m seriously at awe at how lucky I am to have him. Also, luckily pre-crash I had already organised my lunch and gear for tomorrow.

Sometimes the best thing to do is stop. I forgot these past three weeks (these past 3 years more like it!) what it’s like to relax. Seriously, have you relaxed lately? Have you watched some trashy tv, opened a magazine, watched an old dvd, read a book or just took a sneaky nap? Yup, I didn’t think so. And I think that’s what is the big problem. It is NOT healthy to be going at 150% day in and day out- does that sound like moderation to you? I also think that’s a big part of my anxiety- the fact that I don’t know how to just stop. I remember speaking to my therapist about how he walks home and just switches off and notices the little things. Like the plane over head, the sky, the sun and then begins to focus on the simple things. What do I think about when I’m walking? Things to blog about, recipes to make, stuff to plan, my assignment- and all things that I have to do. Sounds relaxing right? Nahtttttttt. I’m really missing my Body Balance- I need that time!


So I’ve decided tonight is my night to relax.

What have you done to relax lately?


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