Frozen Food Product Review- Weight Watchers: Chicken Risotto


Look familiar? No it’s not last week’s Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Risotto, nor is it the Creamy Mushroom & Pumpkin Risotto. It’s Chicken Risotto! Okay, I’m guessing we are all starting to wear thin of the Weight Watcher Risottos? (Haha wear thin- Weight Watchers- get it?…or not).

Anyways, with the stellar performance of last week’s dinner how could I not go with something I knew would be good. The difference? It’s in the numbers.


Once again, slightly bigger serving size. Actually, when I opened it up and piled it in my bowl I was like oh my that’s a decent size! Higher protein, calories, carbs and sodium. The sodium is a bit of a tut tut, but I’m loving the jump in protein. The calories are also still pretty low- well I would say they are for an average athletic female, they would also still be appropriate for people trying to lose weight on low calorie diets (although I don’t condone dieting or low calorie restriction!!!!!) The difference is also in the ingredients..

(Sorry for the horrible picture).

This meal comes with chicken! Mmmmm. I actually really enjoyed the flavour of the chicken, considering I’m someone who typically gets freaked out by frozen meat- call me crazy (wow, did anyone else instantly think of the Call me Maybe song? Haha, it’s not my fault- Body Step 89 uses that song in it’s recovery track!). I also enjoyed the added beans and peas, and felt this meal definitely had more vegies than previous risottos I’ve tried.

However, although the meal was thoroughly enjoyable and probably the best of the three, I’m definitely getting over the cheese-y taste of these dishes. I think it’s because every risotto had exactly the same sauce flavour. Don’t get me wrong though this meal is great! So great that I’d probably have to give it 9.75/10- the taste really amps up the score. Actually, I’d probably score it a 9 and then alter the other risottos. I’d make last week’s an 8.5 and the week before an 8. I guess this is what moderating is like? (Teacher joke!).

Whilst it scored pretty darn good in my books I am definitely going to go a different direction for next week’s frozen dinner. I’m thinking something tomato-y. I’m sick of cheese (yes I did just say that!).

It’s your turn, have YOU got any frozen dinners that you recommend I try? (No more cheese please- rhyming guru haha)


  1. Megan says:

    I love Lean Cuisine Vegetarian Cannelloni. SO good

  2. Simon says:

    hey babe great post!

  3. Try any of the Quorn ready meals. They aren’t frozen when you buy them (but they can be frozen at home). If you’re fussy when it comes to frozen meat, quorn is your answer. The texture is the same after freezing :) And they are low in fat, and so yummy!!

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