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Okay, so I did say that the next time I did Body Pump I’d have a review for you- so here it is. Before we get into it, if you’d like to read about the general format of Body Pump, scoot over here. On that post too you can see my weights, most of them have stayed the same for this release- but I have upped the intensity on a few tracks this time around. A lot of the Body Pump instructors have been raving about the music in this one- whilst I enjoy most of it, there’s only a few songs which I think are rave worthy. And omg, I’m reading through the original body pump format and found that on some tracks I’ve included my weight for just one side and for others the total weight. I am SO sorry- my bad. Today, I’ll show you the weights I’m currently doing as a TOTAL. Also, I’ll try to offer pound measurements- these are only approximate and are based on what the weights display not my own conversions.

First, let’s introduce you to Body Pump 83! There’s lots of talk this time about the Rep Effect and the effects (great effects) it can have on your body in terms of calorie burning, toning and strengthening. Through focusing on low weight loads and high repetition movements they say you’ll burn fat, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle conditioning. (When I say low weights I mean low in comparison to low reps and heavy weights- Body Pump instructors often recommend you do the heaviest weights you can for the track and associated amount of reps). I really wish I knew more about it but as I haven’t trained in Body Pump (only a BS for now, sooner to be CX trained also eek!) all I can tell you is what I’ve read and heard from BP instructors.

  1. Warm up. The warm up this time round incorporates a new move- power press and chest press (I think that’s what it’s called- so many different choreo terminologies!). The warm up is basic and does the job it’s suppose to. It’s got a good song and is actually the same first song as Body Step 89- just with a different remix. (Weight is bar + 9kgs/20 pounds).
  2. Straight into the squats for your heaviest weight of the day (mine is bar + 24.8kgs/55 pounds). I’m so happy that they’ve finally given us a difficult squat track. I’m a bit of an leg expert (Don’t roll your eyes I’m being facetious) it seems because I never absolutely crumble like some people. Not anymore- bottom halfs? Seven lots of four? Right at the end? You got it! I really wish it was a better song though- summer of ’69? Mmmm. Motivation dwindles for this one- especially when we need it most at the end!
  3. Chest track! Thank god they omitted the extra push ups this round, however it barely makes the track any easier. I think there’s 5 rounds in there and it’s intense. Awesome song- turn up the music courtesy of Chris Brown. (Weight is bar + 11.2 kgs/25 pounds).
  4. We move onto another large muscle group- the back, butt and hamstrings. This is actually my favourite track for this release and I’d say my favourite back, butt & hamstrings out of all the releases (to date). There are no more wide rows (yay), 7 in a row (woo), and instead plenty of power presses and chest presses (sorry if it’s the wrong name- I’ll find the exact terminology next Monday). It’s pretty basic with two combinations and a few deadlifts. AWESOME song. (Weight is bar + 15.8kgs/35 pounds).
  5. Time for triceps, and unfortunately this release does use a bar. However, I’ve been working on my technique more and my grip (I’ve changed my thumb placement- haha), after speaking to a BP instructor, and have found that the pain is definitely decreasing (although it’s still there). I’ll continue working on getting rid of the pain before I move up in weights. I like the tempo of the moves with the bar work though, which seems to cause less hassle for my elbows. We finish with a large plate (5kgs for me) for some overhead extensions- these feel like they drag on forever! (Weight is bar + 6.8kgs/15 pounds).
  6. Bicep tracks always have good songs, since they need it for the motivation- I know I do. This one does not let down with a Kelly Clarkson song- what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You know I suck at biceps, but finally for the first time ever I increased my bicep weight. And it killed. But now I’ve done it- there’s no going back. (Weight is bar + 9kgs/20 pounds).
  7. Does anyone else love lunges? I swear every class I’m the only one (maybe it’s my inner stepper haha). This lunge track is awesome and features squats and lunges using a bar, as well as power jumps and squats! This gets the legs working for sure and the butts shaping. Oh and the heart rate goes a little crazy I ‘spose too (Weight is bar + 11.2 kgs/25 pounds).
  8. We move onto the shoulder track for our last working track and I think this release has let me down a bit with the song choice. I really miss the deep bass and beat of past shoulder tracks (bit of techno doesn’t go amiss). We do the usual moves and grab the bar at the end. Push ups pop up twice during the song and that second time is definitely harder to stay on the toes- but don’t worry I never drop ;) For hand weights I use 2kg weights and the bar has 9kgs or 20 pounds on it.
  9. Abs! I never find Body Pump’s ab tracks overly killer- compared to CX I guess- and this one is the same. I like the song choice, going a different route with some Nickelback. Right at the end one of my favourite core exercises is actually used! Rotating planks- woohoo! We should all be experts at that now, right?
  10. Many people say this is often the best part of the class, but I think stretching is actually the most important (thanks to my new found flexibility!). I love the song it finishes with, much better than last release’s corny end number- or maybe that was Body Combat? (Les Mills overload!). I don’t know haha, regardless this is a lovely way to finish the class.

There we go! I hope you enjoyed the review and it’s maybe convinced you to go out and try a Les Mills Body Pump class- or maybe another Les Mills class? (And yes, I always preach to my classes that Body Step really is the best one).

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Have you tried Body Pump 83? What are your thoughts on it?


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  4. WAHOO!! 83 is the jam! I totally LOVE the back track too. SO freaking tough. And that biceps track is one of my new favs :)

    • xoxbekxox says:

      It is pretty good, but you know what’s better…Body Step 89- you seriously have to try an entire class. Fly to Australia and I’ll give you a free class ;) Haha!

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