Let us turn the tables a little bit. Whilst I love sharing my advice and experiences with you guys in hope to help you, I now need YOUR help. As the post title states I am at a bit of a crossroads in my life.


And it has everything to do with my career and my future. I know that I need to learn to live more in the now- so I shouldn’t fixate on this too much but I do need to plan for the future also (rationally, of course). It’s unrealistic for me not to at this stage in my life.

So let’s give you the low down. I am in the third year of my primary teaching course and I am totally overwhelmed with everything. I don’t know if it’s just a combination of my own issues + the usual stress that comes with studying that’s doing it but lately I’ve been going through patches where I…well not regret, but feel like my interests have changed and maybe I should change my career. As many of you know I am also a group fitness instructor and I have an over the top passion for fitness and exercise. This is where my dilemma comes in. I’ve lost some of my drive to teach, and my passion for fitness has gone off the charts.

Often I find myself thinking about dropping out or doing some additional study for fitness so I can pick and choose later on. Realistically, during my semester and with prac, teaching step and work, I don’t think I can do any more study on top of what I’ve currently got going on. Then the financial and money stressed side of me thinks- I’ll never have the future or life I want with the fitness industry full-time. But then I think: what’s the point of doing something you don’t like for the money. Then I think:


I also think maybe it’s my wacked out hormones, anxiety and stress levels that could be making things seem worse than they are. And I feel sometimes I should do the career some justice and try it out before I kick it to the curb, so to speak.

I already have a hecs debt and I’ve nearly completed 3 years of my 4 year course. I know it would be silly to waste it all (hard work, late nights, money, experience, effort) to stop now. What I want to do and what I think I should do are two entirely different things. I want to drop out, be a group fitness instructor and maybe study something else fitness, own/manage a gym or something along those lines (dare to dream). But that also requires money and unless I win the lottery sometime soon that ain’t happening…which would also require me to buy a lottery ticket haha. What I think I should do (thanks to advice from family, friends and bf) is continue my course- since I’m so close, and then see how I go.

Teaching in the real world is very different to being on prac. The expectations they place on you is crazy and it makes me sick to the gut thinking about it. And honestly, from what I remember I do enjoy teaching the little rascals. It just means that the other passion in my life- fitness will have to give a little. A teacher’s schedule has little flexibility around school hours so I don’t have much option when it comes to classes- unless of course I do early mornings and nights. But this is where I need you! Since you bring with you your own advice, experiences and knowledges- oh wise one. Remember, helping others (ME) will make you feel better ;)



  1. E says:

    From personal experience – in my third year of my first degree (also a four year degree), I pushed myself too hard and burnt out. I was completely disinterested in my course, and didn’t have any motivation to complete it as I knew I would never use it as a career anymore. But I persevered and completed the degree because like you I didn’t want it to go to waste. I am now completing the final semester of my next degree, and have actually used some of my first degree, despite being adamant at the time that it would be worthless to me. Similar to you also, I found value in doing other, smaller courses on the side. It all depends on you and what you can handle, but I always believe in seeing something through if you’ve started it. The next year will fly if you decide to continue.

    • xoxbekxox says:

      Thank you so much! You have no idea how much you sharing helps. Me too, I would hate to give up so to speak. I think I’ll finish it- I feel much better today about it all. Some guy last night also said to me- once you’ve done it you don’t have to use it, but it’ll allow you to go so many places and it’s something to fall back on. So logical!

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