Out of it

Excuse me if I seem out of it today but I feel like I am still half asleep. Don’t get me wrong I had a decent set of snooze hours last night but it must be all these early mornings and stress lately that has got me a bit lethargic. Hopefully after a good sleep tonight I’ll be pumped and ready to go as usual for the Step Workshop tomorrow! I always really enjoy the step workshops because the atmosphere is awesome, the instructors are absolutely incredible and it’s always fun to get a see/learn/do a new release of step! Keeps things fresh ;)

Enough about me, how are you feeling today? I hope you have more pep then me.

In saying that, even in my zombie-like state I have still managed to do a bit. Like make myself an awesome breakfast. Gone are those un-runny eggs and back are the type I like ;)


Then after my food settled, I headed to the gym for a Body pump and CX workout. And I wore my brand new shorts ;) I apologise in advance for the crappy picture. These are the shorts I went a size down in and suprisingly they fitted awesome. I didn’t get any riding up like I did with my other pair, so I am actually contemplating changing the plain black set to the smaller size also. But I haven’t tested it properly with a more cardio based class so I’ll get back to you on that.


Oh and last night I ended up also wearing the new Rockwear headband I snagged yesterday. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t wear it right or perhaps the sizing is wrong for my head but one of the straps managed to make it’s way off my head fairly quickly. I had a feeling this would happen when I first put it on (felt loose-ish) but decided to just roll with it. One of the straps was very firm and felt good but the other was too loose. Not sure what happened there? But I am willing to give it another go. Anyone had that issue with the Rockwear headbands? The lady who sold it to me told me hers always stay on tight and she has one in every colour. So maybe it’s just my head? Haha.

Also guys, where has the sun and blue skies gone? I thought we weren’t meant to be moving into Spring! Clouds and rain go away pa-lease. However, with this weather I know just what to have for lunch. Mmmm, warm me right up… and will probably not help my sleepy state either haha.

What is one of your pet hates at the gym? 


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