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So if you read my earlier post- you will know that I got up at an outrageous hour this morning and had a big day ahead of me. Well you were right! After I made the bf a coffee, had a savoury breakfast and did a bike and body pump class I stocked up on some more St Johns Wort and hurried home to get ready for the special lunch the bf had planned. Oh and speaking of body pump- I ended up increasing my weights again! Only a tiny bit but I definitely felt the difference. This wasn’t by choice actually- the weights I usually do where already taken and there was no way I was going backwards- so what choice than to load it up baby ;) Haha.

But anyways, on to the stuff you’re here for- my fine dining lunch! Well we made our way to Eagle St Pier and I ended up having a beautiful lunch with the bf at IL Centro. We had been there once before and were very impressed- actually I think it was one of, if not the first fine dining experience we ever had :) Oh and check out my hot date.

We were pretty lucky too because it was such a beautiful day and it was quite nice for a change of scene being there during the day rather than the night. We were pretty overwhelmed by the menu because there were so many good choices, it was hard to pick one! In my usual form I went for a vegetarian dish.


The first time I went here I also got gnocchi and remembered how amazing it was. This time was just as good, if not better. The pumpkin puree was also beautiful with the small diced bits of butternut pumpkin. I don’t enjoy crunchy parmesan all that much so I gave that to the bf instead. The bf opted for something a bit different- a pasta dish. But it did have beef cheek in it (loves his meat haha).


He raved about it and I had a small taste myself and must admit that the meat was beautiful.

One of their specials for the day was a passionfruit souffle and although we didn’t plan on having dessert we saw a man from the next table over order it and knew we had to get it (oh and we took a sneaky photo while we were at it too). So we decided to share it. I was a bit anxious about eating it actually since I don’t usually like having sweet stuff or dessert like stuff after lunch or during the week (old restriction rules- ridiculous right. But I am trying to move on from that) but I calmed myself and really enjoyed it. It was quite light and wasn’t overly sweet or sickly in flavour which allowed us to go at it with ease :)

Passionfruit souffle with vanilla bean ice cream, short bread & pistachios.

It was a first time souffle experience for both of us and we definitely would get it again. The bf thinks it’d taste awesome as a chocolate flavour haha ;) I’ll have to try my hand at a home-made chocolate souffle one day. What particularly surprised me was the meringue and airy-ness of it. It’s not dense at all and is very similar to meringues in terms of the texture. But I guess that’s because it’s basically a bit of sugar and egg whites with passionfruit flavour ha.

Once we got home with full bellies I did some study and we lounged around before heading to the park. I was tossing up about doing a body step class tonight (would make it my fourth class for the day- I is crazy!) but the bf insisted we go to the park instead (my body probably thanked him for it too). So we went to do some sprints and play around. He is fast! I was very impressed ;) I do not mind losing in this aspect because there is just something attractive about an athletic guy haha ;) By the time we got home it was almost dinner so I didn’t bother having my usual arvo snack- plus lunch filled me up nicely.

I think I’ll hit the hay soon because I’ve been up for way too many hours. I’ve also got two presentations due tomorrow so fingers crossed! Wish me luck!

Do you prefer eating out for lunch or dinner? Or breakfast? Do you like souffles?

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  1. Chocolate souffles are incredible! You should try your hand at one =)

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