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Top of the morning to ya! How was everyone’s Saturday night? Are some of us still recovering? Haha. Well as you know Saturday night is typically date night for us. And while I’m there, here are some previous date nights:

Last night we weren’t actually sure where we were going. We had intended to go to another Japanese restaurant we love but they were all booked up and we didn’t want to risk heading all the way in there and looking for another place. So to make matters easy I told the bf to pick- something yum and something I could afford (since it was my weekend). Well what did he do? Like any male he didn’t listen and booked somewhere I can’t afford and paid for it himself! He is going pretty well for himself financially atm and thinks he is a bit of a Richard Branson ;) I don’t mind it at all but sometimes I feel a tad inadequate. Oh well, movies are on me today- not quite the same as a swanky dinner but it’ll do for now haha. Loving student part time wages.

So back to date night, last night it was at Southbank again (we just love it there) and went to the Point. We’ve been there once before and I got an amazing mushroom risotto and he got one of the best eye fillets he has ever had. Since then they closed and re-opened under new owners I believe. Our first visit was great and this one lived up to the first also!

We booked for 8pm and got there a tad late after searching everywhere for darn parking. Once seated it didn’t take us long to pick what we wanted- the bf in true style went with the eye fillet steak and I opted for the mushroom ragu.

Eye fillet, olive oil mash, Swiss brown mushroom, devilled jus 

We weren’t sure what devilled jus was but worked out it was something tomato-y and was delish! I also had a bite of his steak and to be honest I thought something was missing- he thought it was really good but to me it was missing flavour or too dry or something. But I wouldn’t listen to me because he is the steak master.


Wild mushroom ragu, trofie pasta, asparagus, pecorino


I really enjoyed my mushroom ragu and managed to finish most of that plate. We also got a side plate of rocket, blue cheese, walnuts and apple balsamic. I enjoyed this and was surprised that I didn’t hate the blue cheese. It wasn’t overly potent but still strong. I loved the walnuts (nom nom) but couldn’t really taste the distinct apple balsamic flavour- it was a tad bland in that aspect. But it was still quite tasty.

Oh and if you know me- you know we got dessert. We ended up sharing dessert (I want to post on something along these lines soon too). Basically this dessert was a match made in heaven for us- he had his ultimate and I got mine too! Dying to see it? Of course I took a photo!

Dark chocolate fondant, peanut butter ice cream, peanut praline 


Talk about food porn!  Ugh I am salivating remembering that ice cream. Seriously, hands down the BEST ice cream flavour I have EVER had. It reminded me so much of peanut butter and had small peanut butter pieces through it, the only problem- it was NOT big enough. I had a bite of the dark chocolate fondant worrying that it’d be too bitter or rich for me but I was pleasantly surprised. I am kicking myself right now that we didn’t take a photo of it after we broke it open! So much runny gooey chocolate came out and the bf literally jumped out of his seat in excitement. I, being the lovely person I am gave him the rest of the fondant after I had a taste and he being the peanut butter non-lover he is allowed me to have the ice-cream and praline crumbs haha. He did taste the ice cream also and pointed out how similar it was to real pb! Seriously, this ice-cream has renewed my love for peanut butter- watch out almond butter- and I am really wishing they made this tub style or had the same flavour at my Marble Slab. Oh what I could do to this flavour, the amazing combinations I could make! Maybe it’s a good thing it doesn’t? haha.

What is your absolute FAVOURITE ice-cream flavour?

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