Mixing it up with pancakes

Does anyone else feel like this weekend has just flown by? It’s already Sunday morning! I’m not sure what’s on the cards for us because I am feeling a tad rundown. But usually as the day goes on colds improve so we may still go ahead with seeing the new Batman and might even pop into the Mt Gravatt Show. We’ve also got groceries to do.

Okay so let me fill you in on date night last night. We ended up having a late dinner around 8:30pm. We decided to keep it cheap and headed to our fav burger joint for dinner, Grill’d. I love this joint because of the wholesome and healthy values it instills and the bf loves it because ‘the meat tastes awesome’, which I whole-heartedly agree with. You have two choices of bun when you order- panini or traditional wholemeal blend. I always opt for the traditional wholemeal blend and the bf goes for the panini. We get the same burger but different bun and he adds cheese. We probably should venture out and try something new but we are afraid that it just won’t measure up to our usual haha! Maybe one time we will get one usual and one new menu item and split it?

Their site is also one of the few Australian food restaurants/cafes/joints that has its’ nutritional information available online (yes I figured this out during my obsessive days). It also dedicates pages to promoting it’s philosophy of fresh, healthy burgers- including where they source their produce and meat etc. And you’ll be pleased to know that I did manage to snap a picture before I ate it.

Simply Grill’d burger.

Typically, post-Grill’d we opt for Marble Slab as date night dessert because it’s right next door and we love it. But, because I had a cold and ice cream probably wouldn’t help with the mucous, TMI?, and realistically it was too freezing for ice cream (blasphemy). So we went to Pancake Manor. So this is where I am going to disappoint you- I forgot to take a photo! Sometimes it’s hard to remember to take these piccies when you’re enjoying the moment so to speak. But I will TELL you what I got I got a short stack: 2 buttermilk pancakes with a scoop of ice cream and a bit of cream and their syrup, plus I asked for a thing of butterscotch on the side. The bf got the devonshire pancakes which were 4 smaller pancakes (pikelets basically) with jam and cream. Both were delicious and I must admit it filled me up in a way ice-cream doesn’t haha. Filling, satisfying and delicious ;)

Speaking of, I am testing a new recipe this afternoon- think Healthified Triple Chocolate brownies but different… intrigued? Well you’ll have to tune in later today ;) I am also really excited to do a new protein breakfast slice sometime in the near future.

So leaving you with the thought of brownies, protein slices and all things delicious I will finish with a positive message for the day.

What did your Saturday night look like? Do you have a favourite food joint that you frequently eat at?


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